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Bruce O’Neel


System Administration, Computer Security and Heuristic Discovery of Uncommon Events.

Professional Experience

Sep 2009-current                 Philip Morris International R&D            Neuchatel, NE

Senior Computer Scientist


Worked in the newly created High Performance Computing group at R&D.  This group brought Linux, HPC, and Open Source Software into a company which was very Windows focused.

·     Responsible for a 64 node Linux compute cluster with 40TB+ of disk.

·     Responsible for a single rack Blue Gene/P (BGP) with 60TB of disk.

·     Responsible for system tuning, monitoring, and utilization.

·     Responsible for software installation.

·     Responsible for porting software to the BGP.

·     I acted as the person who sat between the scientists and the systems to allow the scientists to get as much processing possible out of the systems with the least time wasted on non-scientific computer work.

·     Worked to fit the foreign scientific Linux systems into the existing PMI computer processes and procedures with changes and exceptions as necessary so that all sides were content.


2002-Sep 2009                    SP-Systems/ISDC/University of GE           Versoix, GE

Senior Systems Engineer/ System Administrator


General information: see ISDC 1997- 2000

In response to the public knowledge of Atraxis/SAir Group bankruptcy, was offered a post back at ISDC.

·     Designed a 50 node compute cluster. Installation is waiting funding finalization.

·     Managed a 17 node linux/30 node Solaris cluster and an isolated 70 node Solaris cluster for scientific processing.

·     Integration of Offline Scientific Analysis (OSA) modules to produce a single unified software package distributed to outside users.  The package needs to install easily, function correctly on their systems and be usable with minimal training.

·     Extension and maintenance of many of the core ISDC libraries.

·     Evening and weekend software support for the Near Real Time (NRT) processing systems.

On demand help for program analysis, data analysis, and processing.


2000-2001                            Atraxis/SAirGroup                                         Geneva, GE

Senior Systems Engineer

Atraxis was part of the SAirGroup, the parent company of Swissair and now part of EDS Switzerland. My team worked on the SuperAgent reservation automation expert system which saves airlines money by automating many of the tasks


The work was in Lisp and consisted of the following:

·     Design and prototype construction of a new implementation of SuperAgent

·     Maintenance of the existing TI Explorer implementation of SuperAgent.

·     One time jobs for different airlines using the new design for SuperAgent both to test the new design as well as to bring in additional revenue for Atraxis.

·     Design and implementation of TCP/IP interfaces in Lisp.

·     Design and implementation of XML interfaces in Lisp.





1997-2000                            SP-Systems/ISDC/University of GE           Versoix, GE

Systems Engineer

ISDC is a joint Swiss/ESA/NASA project which supports the Integral Gamma Ray Astronomical Observatory and hosted by the University of Geneva in Versoix Switzerland. ISDC is the main processing site for all of the scientific data for Integral. The Integral project has sites throughout Europe and the US.  I am one of the two NASA people working at ISDC. The work is a mix of system administration and programming in C, C++, and Fortran 90.  It consists of the following:

·     Design of an overall system which will process in excess of 10 GB of new science data per day.

·     Design of an interactive analysis system which will be used by the scientific users of Integral to process their own data.

·     Design of the smaller components of the overall system in such a way that parts can be assigned and programmed at Integral sites throughout Europe and the US.

·     Designing and programming of custom web and internet clients and internet servers.

·     Programming some of the components assigned to ISDC.

·     Porting tools between different versions of Unix and Linux.



1991-1997                            STX/NASA Goddard                       Greenbelt, MD USA

Senior Systems Engineer

The HEASARC is one of NASA's main locations for X-Ray and Gamma Ray Astronomy. Work was in C and Perl and consisted of:

·     Designing and programming web interfaces and cgi-bin scripts for public access to astronomy data. The HEASARC web site was one of the earlier WWW sites and went on the air shortly after NCSA's Mosaic program was released.  It is now one of the premier astronomy web sites.

·     Designing and programming of custom web and internet clients and internet servers.

·     Programming scientific analysis systems for the XTE, ASCA, and ROSAT X-Ray observatories. This work required several trips with extended stays in Japan in support of ASCA.

·     Porting of existing tools to new operating systems. Among others I did a first port of a 100 meg scientific analysis package to Linux.



1989-1991                            EDS                                                     Arlington, VA, USA

Systems Engineer

EDS is a large computer services firm. Work was completed at two different contract client sites:

·     US Defense Department - Part of a small team responsible for system administration of a network of 150 Sun workstations and close to 1000 PCs used for office automation at the Pentagon.

·     National Telephone Systems – ( NTS, an independent telephone company no longer in existence) Responsible for database work connected with sales of NTS services to payphone operators.


1986-1989                            Hekimian Labs                                 Rockville, MD USA

Programmer/MIS Manager

Hekimian labs, now acquired by Spirent, is a telephone test equipment manufacturer.  Work consisted of:

·     MIS Manager - Full responsibility for a department of 6 people.

·     MIS Programmer - Support programming for a production planning system.



1992-1995                            Johns Hopkins University              Baltimore, MD USA

·     Masters of Science in Computer Science.  Concentration in AI and Computer Graphics.

1982-1986                            University of Maryland             College Park, MD USA

Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

Outside Work

Using Ants to Secure your Network. EuroBSDCon 2006. This is a lisp program which helps find malware in your network by reading libpcap files from tcpdump.  More info is available on my website: .


US citizen living in Vaud since 1997 with a Permit C.  Willing to pursue intense French and/or German language courses.  Preparing application for Swiss citizenship.   Married with three children.  Enjoy traveling and hiking.


Available upon request