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The procedure to get Hugs 98 September 2006 to build and run on OpenBSD seems to be:

vi ./packages/X11/X11.cabal

Add -L/usr/X11R6/lib to the "X11" line near the bottom

vi packages/Cabal/DefaultSetup.lhs

Remove the first line

gmake  EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--prefix=/home/edoneel/local-`uname -m` --enable-ffi --with-pthreads"

ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/C/Error.so hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/C/
ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/Marshal/*.so hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/Marshal
ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/Ptr.so  hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/
ln ./libraries/bootlib/System/Posix/Internals.so hugsdir/packages/base/System/Posix/

rm libraries/bootlib/.stamp 
rm -rf hugsdir/programs/

gmake  EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--prefix=/home/edoneel/local-`uname -m` --enable-ffi --with-pthreads" 

ECL and OpenBSD

Untar ecl-0.9i.openbsd40patch-20070111.tgz overtop of Ecl 0.9i. Then when you configure and make you should have a working version under OpenBSD 4.0. This tar file patches the Boehm GC for OpenBSD 4, and makes a small hacky patch for the CLX open display code.

In addition, if you run on SPARCs, remove udiv_fpu.asm and link udiv_nfpu.asm to udiv_fpu.asm, otherwise you'll get a few bus errors when you run

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