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Top - Work and Home

Siggraph blog
Ian Welsh
Copernicus Climate
Ecosophia Dreamwidth
Philip Greenspun’s Weblog
SRSrocco Report.
What Would Jack Do.
Weather Underground.
Chris's Wiki :: blog
naked capitalism
The Automatic Earth
Leeham News and Comment
Climate Denial
Daring Fireball

Top - Home Only

Ran Prieur
Jake Likes Onions
Boarding Area
Head For Points
Resource Insights
Charlie's Diary
Right Wing Watch
Joe. My. God.

RSS Feeds

RSS News/Markets

Global Guerrillas
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
swissinfo - Swiss news and information platform about Switzerland, business, culture, sport, weather
Clusterfuck Nation

RSS Computer/Misc

Planet Lisp
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
how to save the world
New GitHub Common Lisp Repos
Planet Squeak


Inside the Hive.
Welcome Macintosh
Futility Closet.
Upgrade Podcast
Download Podcast
Minimalist Podcast
After-on Podcast
Smalltalk Reflections
The Lifeboat Hour
Savage Lovecast
Adam Carolla
Radio Ecoshock
C-Realm Podcast
The Adam and Dr. Drew Show
Tank Riot
The Smartest Man in the World
WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
Accidental Tech Podcast
Adam Carolla CarCast
Sam Harris


Geneve Messes
Vaud Messes
GamingLyfe - The Weblog
Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games
Quantum For Quants
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: it has spacebeards
Ethereum reddit
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: it has spacebeards
Cryptocoins News
Siggraph blog
Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games
DIY Drones
Ethereum reddit
John Feffer
Frictional Games
Ethereum reddit
Wonkette — The D.C. Gossip
Sex with Emily
Fresh Air
Robots podcast
Garbage Podcast
Lambda the Ultimate
Some Assembly Required
Indie Conference
AltConf 2015
In the Pipeline:
Doonesbury@Slate - Daily Dose - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - COMPLY
Non Sequitur Comic Strip on
Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip on

Top - Graphics

Real-Time Rendering · Tracking the latest developments in interactive rendering techniques
Real-Time Rendering Portal
Humus - News
The Little Grasshopper
Aras' website
Beautiful Pixels
Diary of a Graphics Programmer
Mikkelsen and 3D Graphics

Top - Games

Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games
Lisp Games Wiki - The Weblog
MonoGame | Write Once, Play Everywhere
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: it has spacebeards - The official home of Sinister Design

Podcasts 2

Making It « Nerdist
The Indoor Kids « Nerdist
The Z-Realm Podcast
Sex Nerd Sandra « Nerdist


Présentation - Permis de Peche
Vallorbe - Yverdon-les-Bains Region Jura Lac (Suisse) - Pêcheries
Des truites sitôt pêchées, sitôt cuisinées! | Terre & Nature
Romandie Pêche
VD – Commande en ligne de permis de pêche | Romandie Pêche
La Pêcherie de la Source Terroir Suisse
Vallorbe - Yverdon-les-Bains Region Jura Lac (Suisse) - Pêcheries
Piscicultures de Vallorbe - Vaud - Vallorbe


SqueakTrunk #41 : / [Jenkins]
Smalltalk Jobs
Smalltalk Job and Internship Offers
Planet Lisp
Planet SBCL
LinkedIn: Home what's new online!
Planet Scheme - The Community Scheme Blog
Stack Overflow
Server Fault
Hacker News
Loper OS
gamedesigners weekly dialogue /  (local) gamedesigners
Ace on the House


MeteoSchweiz - Wetter
Schnell und umfassend informiert beim offiziellen Wetterdienst der Schweiz! MeteoSchweiz, der natinonale Wetterdienst, erbringt meteorologische und klimatologische Dienstleistungen, erstellt Flugwetterinformationen und warnt vor gefährlichen Wettererreignissen.
Agenda - Official site of the city of Lausanne — Geneva’s Largest online community.
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies
Geneva What's On Today: Sunday, July 05, 2009 - AngloINFO Geneva, in the Geneva region (Switzerland)
Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
Clear Climate Code
tahoe-lafs - Rencontres avec webcam - Inscription gratuite - Suisse - France - Belgique - Faites des rencontres pour amour ou amité et chattez avec Webcam, inscrivez-vous gratuitement dès maintenant.
The Collapse of Complex Business Models « Clay Shirky
en :: ::
DATASPORT, DATASPORT AG, time measurement, timing, bib numbers, popular sports, sporting event, data management, online services
tobe2 est un site qui permet au célibataires de renouer avec les rencontres humaines. Fini les sites de rencontres impersonnels et les speed-datings. tobe2 est un concept nouveau et original. tobe2 est fait pour les célibataires. tobe2 is tobe2.
Geneva Hash House Harriers
Cog Blog
User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static
User Friendly the Comic Strip
Attract Women Anywhere
Joe Bageant
John Shore
Quantnet -
Quantitative Finance - Stack Exchange
Quantly | News for quants
Keepin' It Cool: How the Air Conditioner Made Modern America - Rebecca J. Rosen - Technology - The Atlantic
How can we get over our partner's past? - Switzerland forums - General -
Older programmers ARE better!
The Reformed Broker
jg's Ramblings
Blogs - Chris Martenson
Speaking Truth to Power
Altucher Confidential
Michael Covel: Trend Following Manifesto
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner
Category Archives: The Podcast
Two Beers With Steve - You Didn't Stumble Upon This Podcast... The Universe Has Sent You.
Sex is Fun Podcast
The Joe Rogan Experience
Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast episodes on Earwolf
Airline Fleets Index - A - Just Aviation
amber-lang - Google Groups
smalltalkrenaissance | The Reformation of Software Engineering
Planet big data
The GDELT Project: The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone
Planet Squeak
Planet Smalltalk
Dr. Jen Gunter
Eric Garland - Strategist, trend analyst, author, speaker


Act for Love - The Swiss price comparison (market overview for Switzerland, prices CH)
ADSL tech support - sunrise - communication is life
Yahoo data download
Fast Impressions Speed Dating Geneva
Act 2: From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog
one hundred push ups
FAIL Blog - Fail Pictures at Failblog.ORG
Serve current directory tree at http://$HOSTNAME:8000/ |
If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened
There, I Fixed It.
Geneva Clubs - Geneva Entertainment Guide - Top Nightlife, Performing Arts, Spectator Sports in Geneva : Professional Travel Guide
Sex Tips For Geeks
Leman Events home - Leman events
Twitcaps - Real-Time Images From Twitter
Todd Harrison's Memoirs of a Minyan: Confessions of a former trader: a new series - MarketWatch
Main Page - Network Naming Schemes
Mark Joshi's Home Page
Configure TCPIP Max Transfer Unit (MTU) size in Vista | Network |
Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough
The Fall of Civilization
MELANI - La Centrale d'enregistrement et d'analyse pour la sûreté de l'information MELANI
The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress -
Why Unemployment Matters - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic
Scouring the globe for sex advice - Sex News, Sex Talk -
Why do we still believe in monogamy? - Infidelity | Adultery, Marriage Infidelity -
Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infidelity -
Love in a World of Scarcity « how to save the world
The Right-Wing Id Unzipped
swisstopo: swisstopo Homepage
ALDI Foto Service: ACCUEIL
Fotolabors im Test / Kassensturz / SF1
Early Warning
Planet Squeak
Planet Smalltalk
Deep Learning
Deep Learning Since 1991 - Fast & Deep / Recurrent Neural Networks. Deeplearn it! (official site)
The Big Picture


Common Lisp Weekly News
LispForum • Index page
qooxdoo » Home
Clozure CL Documentation
Clozure: Clozure CL


Dating & Attraction Tips for the Socially Fit Man! | How to Attract Women
Dating Tips for Nice Guys | How to Attract Women


Jobs im Banking, Finanzen Jobs, Stellenangebote im Investment Banking & Finanzmarkt der Online Stellenmarkt der NZZ mit Jobs für Kader und Fachspezialisten
Jobs Schweiz Stellen Stellenangebote Job ch -
Novartis - Job Search
Job Switzerland: JobUP ! recruitment employment offers requests jobs CV

Jobs2 - Votre TSR - Votre TSR - offres d'emploi et formation
Bedag Informatique SA | Jobs - Offres d'emplois
Pictet - Human Resources ¦ Career opportunities
CS - Experienced Professionals in Switzerland
IBM Employment - Switzerland - job search in switzerland
Trouver des jobs : Recherchez des milliers de jobs maintenant |

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