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PckSwarms - Packet Swarms Packet Classification

This is the page for my Packet Swarms work.

11 May 2007

A new release with ports to SBCL and Clisp, and, now it reads files captured on both big-endian and little-endian systems.

The tar file is PckSwarms20070511.tar.gz.

There is a README and the end of antclassify.lisp has some example runs.

09 Nov 2006

It all works, just in time for EuroBSDCon 2006.

The tar file is PckSwarms20061109.tar.gz.

The simpliest would be just to download the tar file and look at the MagicPoint (.mgp) presentation. The summary is with 16000 records we filter out all but about 300 of them, and, most of the 300 are unusual.

09 Oct 2006

This will be the page for PckSwarms

We'll talk about the results at EuroBSDCon 2006

Bruce O'Neel

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