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31 March 99

A new Netfuture (#87) is out

Silicon Follies on Salon. Somewhat Cute.

Better - A Wanderlust about one's honeymoon on the 10 hr flight from hell. It's true that if you can stand a bad (long) flight with your potential spouse you are fairly well set up to get married. Even better if you don't get divorced after flying with kids. BTW, British Airways sucks with kids. Virgin Atlantic is far better. In fact, after years of flying overseas to Europe and Asia and 100s of hrs flying no one has ever been as bad as British Airways.

Don't like cookies? Like to be a bit silly? Try a little perl script which slowly makes a random hash of your cookes file. This version is the unix port, but, it's trivial to make it run on a mac or Windows box.

(From CamWorld)In the Beginning was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson

22 new updates to Squeak. Squeak can automatically update itself over the internet. 2.4 will be released soon, lots o' nice changes

A new DaveNet about the MS Stock Glitch. A nice feature of SmallTalk is that numbers don't have such limits :-)

30 March 99

Lots'o news today.

Thanks to Dave Weiner beo is now part of

A wonderful (RealAudio) NPR story about the Hajj in Mecca. I've always found travelling in Islamic countries to be marvelous.

Got my copy of Silicon Valley Tarot.

Gamma Ray Bursts in the Washington Post

Iambe of User Friendly, a great cartoon, is getting in lawsuit trouble

From Salon Mag: Why Bill Gates still doesn't get the net 21st

A new TidBITS is out.

The wind is such that planes from GVA are taking off over the lake today. This means that we'll get a good look at IR735, a 747SP.

New drafts of FITS World Coordinate System papers available. Paper I and Paper III from NRAO.

Metrowerks announces Code Warrior for Red Hat linux

From Tomalak's Realm: ABC News is reporting that NSI's whois database is proprietary

Computer Literacy is now FatBrain. Huh? They claimed that typing computer literacy was too hard...

The April cover story on Business 2.0 is about "What Works Now". Business 2.0 is an ok magazine.

(CBS MarketWatch) Dow closed above 10,000 at 10,006.78. The SJ Mercury also has good coverage.

Nice Dow Jones graph on Silicon

29 March 99

(SJ Mercury News) New ethic for forests unveiled - U.S. agency to alter goals for public lands

Watch mail servers melt with Melissa

Clue Train

Linux on the Psion 5. Would be very nice running Squeak

Nasty Fire in the Mont Blanc tunnel. Very sadly many people died. The Tunnel is closed currently and probably will be for a while. Think I95 between Baltimore and Philly being closed. Big impact.

Got my copy of Swiki up and running today. Very nice. I like portable editable web servers. All built into Squeak

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