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30 April 99

MinneStore for Squeak is here

Userland discussion on Macs as Servers

Squeak is getting better Docs

29 April 99

Risks 20.34 is out.

Live Police Scanners

Firms at the H&Q conference

More updates to the FITS WCS papers

28 April 99

Slow day...

(Davenet)An Open Letter to Steve Case

What happens Next?

A new Onion is out.

There is a new Silicon Follies

27 April 99

Turn Off your TV for a Week

TidBITS 478 is out.

High School is ugly if you are a Geek

(DaveNet) Ben Rosen is Back

26 April 99

Risks 20.33 is out.

Financial Crack

Sunday's User Friendly was quite cute. May 19 is the release date for the next StarWars, for those of you not in the US.

Opps, this beats my leatherman

There was a new NTK out Friday.

CORBA 3.0 seems to be pushing Java

23 April 99

A new Intellectual Capital is out, Rights and Wrongs of Miranda.

A new TBTF is out

Hmm, maybe that merger will cost more than you thought.

From the Finally they Get a Clue dept:

(From Slashdot): A VAX 11/780 becomes a Wet Bar

22 April 99

Squeak 2.4a is out.

(Tomalak's Realm)USA Today has an interesting article about datamining and price elasticity.

21 April 99

Squeak 2.4 is out. Many cool things including (from a note from Dan Ingalls)

Ballon3D Rasterizer

This is Andreas Raab's first implementation of a platform-independent 3D rasterizer built to work with Balloon, his existing, rotation-, and scale-independent anti-aliasing rendering engine. A number of subtle features remain yet to be implemented, but its already awesome capability can be seen by playing with Wonderlands.


Wonderlands are 3D environments in Squeak-Alice. What is Squeak-Alice? Alice ( is an authoring tool designed to allow people without programming experience to build interactive 3D worlds. The Stage 3 Research Group (Randy Pausch director) started the Alice project at the University of Virginia, and is continuing their work at Carnegie Mellon University ( Squeak-Alice brings the ideas and the ideals of Alice to Squeak, with the goal of introducing even more people to 3D graphics and allowing them to author in the medium.

Squeak-Alice represents three months of mad-man hacking by Jeff Pierce, a member of the original Alice design team, and a research intern with the Squeak Team.

With the Balloon3D engine as its vehicle, models built and used in Squeak-Alice should run on any platform from Wintel, Mac, and Unix machines down to bare hardware, with no reliance on 3rd-party rendering software. It's cool.

Are you a Terrorist? Hmm, maybe the Airlines don't agree.

This week's Onion is out.

A new Silicon Follies is out

From Slashdot: Lego Mindstorms 3d plotter

From Slashdot: A counter rant to Neil Stephenson's command line rant

20 April 99

TidBITS 477 is out.

Alertbox: Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003

QuickTime 4 beta is out. You install it over the internet.

19 April 99

Sunday brought a new OnLine Insider

This week's Intellectual Capital talks about Kosovo.

Want to know more about the S&P 500?

Like a site enough to bookmark it? Use MSIE 5.0? Oh well, that site knows you like them

There was a new NTK out Friday.

Risks 20.30 and 20.31 are out.

16 April 99

Map the net.

NetFuture #88 is out

A new Solar System Found

Opps, there already was an Amazon book store From the SJ Mercury: Trademark search should have turned this up: A small, 30-year-old bookstore in Minnesota called Amazon Bookstore Inc. is suing in federal court, alleging the Internet giant is knowingly infringing on the trademark of the small women-oriented bookstore. Amazon

Watch who's watching (SJ Mercury)

From Slashdot: CNN says that American programers are slackers

Humorous deconstruction of a MS press release from Fortune. This link will break in about a day or so, look for the title under recent columns then.

15 April 99

Tax day in the US

From Slashdot: RMS to work in the Bill Gates Bld

From Flutterby: NPR's Car Talk on the Ford Excursion

14 April 99

Slim pickings today

This week's Intellectual Capital is about China and the US

US Supreme Court rules that Americans are unfit to govern themselves

A New Onion is out.

13 April 99

Back from vacation. Catching up...

TidBITS 476 is out

There was a new NTK on Friday

OpenGl for the Mac

TidBITS 4.75 is out

Cool - I'd lost touch with Circuit Cellar but it's there...

AlertBox - Intranet Portals

Why I buy individual stocks and not mutual funds

In the 9 April 99 WSJ, European edition, there was an interesting article about PW4000 engines and compressor stalls. The link is herebut you have to pay to read it :-(

From SlashDot. Great reviews of Daddy's Cap is on Backwards

Salon changed while I was gone. Don't like it...

Vacation reading produced some interesting sites:

The Onion By definition in bad taste.

Biz e Lite, or maybe biz elite... Bad URL name. Delta's new business class. All I want in an airline flight is room. No, cattle class doesn't do it, sorry. And I'm not a very big person (5'6").

MailStart Like other free email services, but, you can keep your old email address. Think of it as a POP3 reader which is a web site.

AccuWeather. We'll see how close they are for Geneva

5 April 99

No updates after today until 13 April, I'm on vacation

A new Alertbox on Intranet portals is out.

Squeak 2.4 beta is out (Mac 68k and PPC only, others soon)

Another new RISKS 20.29

From Friday: This week's NTK is out.

2 April 99

jwz has some more Gruntle about Mozilla and AOL. One of JWZ's best hacks is bbdb the insidious big brother database. bbdb is the biggest reason why I read mail with xemacs.

JWZ's AOL rant is one of those well written essays which will make me debate all weekend about whether or not, in this case, owning AOL stock is a good thing :-(

User Friendly's lawsuite was an April Fools Joke. Got me...

A few new RISKS digests are out: 20.27 and 20.28

Some 1 April RFCs were released. Adding QoS to Avian Carriers, Y10K and beyond, and the Romans standards process

This week's Intellectual Capital is out.

1 April 99

Slow day today..

User Friendly is shut down! Let's hope this is an April Fools' joke.

A new Silicon Follies

Risks 20.26 is out

TidBITS 474 is out just in time for 1 Apr 99. MS Settles with the DOJ!

Opps, bluedoor was taken. One of the catches about the internet is what may be innocent to you and I (or Intel) may be not so innocent otherwise. From the SJ Mercury: "Intel's ads portray the power of the Pentium III as a blue door that opens to fantastic new worlds. Gene Trent's Web site,, is a portal to new worlds of fantasy (in the form of adult videos). Trent has seen traffic double on his site since the ad campaign started, and he's concerned that visitors, including children, are being misled."

There is a nice mail message from Peter Lount which talks about Closed source vs Open Source

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