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31 May 99

Big Weekend o' links


(NY Times) A Game Boy in the Crosshairs

( Questioning Technology

( NY Times - Market Watch. Pop goes the bubble

DaveNet - WebLogs

(AlertBox via Tomalak's Realm) Top-10 New Mistakes in Web Design

(Ask Tog via Tomalak's Realm) When Interfaces Kill

(via Tomalak's Realm) Interface Hall of Shame - QuickTime 4.0

MileStone 6 of Mozilla

Silicon Follies Chap 21

28 May 99

(Wired) Rush of business failures in the Valley?

(Business Week)eBay vs Amazon

Want a really really fast browser? Try Lynx. Text only. Intelligently lets you control cookies though.

(Intellectual Capital) Free Agent Nation.

(Tomalak's Realm)Forbes: Bricks to Bits - Guy Kawasaki

27 May 99

SAO R&D's Toolset released. (SAOtng etc).

CNET - Copyright bills may limit access to facts

Andreessen singles out consumers as key to Web future(InfoWorld)

Ah, there is a with MP3 info

The MPEG Audio Web Page

26 May 99

(Slashdot) Here come the Web Logs

(Slashdot) Paid to write open source?

Stalking the Wild Fry's Salesdroid

Risks 20.42 is out.

Risks 20.41 is out.

WWWhat happened at WWW8

EGroups indexes the Squeak Mailing List

25 May 99

( Tog on The Sorry State of Web Design

( John Dvorak on the All Things Approach

A new DaveNet: Edit This Page. This is very similiar to the Swiki which comes with Squeak

TidBITS 482 is out.

24 May 99

User Friendly's strip on Sunday was on OS types of Sushi.

Chap 20 of Silicon Follies.

This week's Intellectual Capital is on Moore's Law.

Friday's NTK

TBTF for 22 May.

Getting Squeak to Speak

A new Pluggable Web Server for Squeak is called Comanche

Multithreading and Monitoring in Squeak's PWS, or, just Multithreading alone

21 May 99

Questioning XSL

Cafe con Leche, XML news

(Tomalak's Realm) The Palm VII will be released soon

(Tomalak's Realm) Hmm, $0.30 per Kbyte

20 May 99

Cryptonomicon is out. There is also a nice FAQ

NYTimes article on Server Farms

Psion does Smart Cell Phones

The Jerry Springer show meets The Empire Stikes Back

Find your Star Wars Twin

19 May 99

Risks 20.40 is out.

Silicon Follies Chap 18

Silicon Follies Chap 19

18 May 99

World Time Clock

TidBITS 481 is out.

Some gory tech details on MP3. It really should be called MPEG-1 layer 3, or MPEG-2 layer 3 :-)

17 May 99

Why SDMI will fail. It's even easier. The human ear can't listen to encrypted music. If nothing else you can just resample the output of your computer...

Alertbox: Who Commits the Top-10 Mistakes of Web Design?

NetFuture #90 is out

Friday brought a new NTK

Risks 20.39 is out.

Seidman's Online Insider V6 #6 is out.

14 May 99

Cool new channel at named Free XML Tools

This weeek's Intellectual Capital is on the Israeli Election.

MS lost its appeal on Temporary Workers and stock options.

A new version of Squeak MinneStore is out.

DaveNet: Linux Newbies

13 May 99

Slow day...

I forgot, but on Friday there was a new Intellectual Capital on parenting.

Nice interview with the Director of the Empire Strikes Back

12 May 99

Risks 20.37 is out.

Risks 20.38 is out.


Chap 17 of Silicon Follies

11 May 99

Opps, I forgot to mention, I was on vacation.

A new Apple Wizards is out.

A new TBTF is out.

A new NTK

Interesting Digital Coast article in the LA Times.

TidBITS 480 is out.

Nice way to make a one file Squeak program for the mac.

I don't get any response, but, looks interesting

WWDC notes.

9th Court of Appeals rules on encryption

Davenet: Money on the Table

Squeak for Unix has moved.

Squeak 2.4c is out

Davenet: Thanks Yahoo

Davenet: Dreams or Teams

6 May 99

Want to Wear your computer

Mozilla M5 is out.

5 May 99

(From Eristocracy)The Australian Securities & Investment Commission created a hoax Web site: on April 1st this year. The site boasted that punters would triple their money if they invested their money in Millennium Bug Insurance. The site attracted $4 million worth of interest from people who were fooled by the web site. Only a few alerted ASIC that the company didn't seem legit. The site was designed to educate the public about the risks of investing in Internet ventures. Full Story at:

A new Silicon Follies is out.

A new Onion is out.

NetFuture 89 is out.

A new NetOpinion is out.

(DaveNet)Swimming With The Music Industry

4 May 99

(From Davenetics) LISTEN UP It may seem like the press is overly obsessed with the MP3 craze. But ramifications of the developments in digital music will have an impact on the way we share all files via the internet. So it pays to follow along. An overview of the latest developments:

Dow Breaks 11000

TidBITS 479 is out.

Mark Weiser died. He was a big person in the ubiquitous computing world at PARC. BTW, Xerox's pages aren't so good here. For a "document company" you think they could do better...

3 May 99

Most of the weekend updates happened over the weekend, for once.

One of the scariest articles I've read in a long time about data mining. And I'm interested in data mining... Capital One knows a lot about you.

2 May 99

(DaveNet)Who Owns .com

Adi Shamir has been thinking about decryption

Risks 20.36 is out.

Friday saw a new Intellectual Capital

1 May 99

Boy are online travel sites US centric

Some background, I'm a US expat living near Geneva. My wife needs to go to the US in June, so, lets see how well those on-line travel sites really work. First up, travelocity. They know I live in Switzerland, and yet, after 10s of clicks their options to deliver my tickets are US Mail, to US and Canadian addresses or Fed Ex to US and Canadian addresses. Ok, no problem, my company will forward any mail to me that they get. Opps, the deliverly address must match the billing address on the credit card. No go, since the extra week or so delay for the mail forwarding makes it impossible to pay credit cards on time.

So, off to ITN. After 10s of clicks we find that for $35 they'll fedex the ticket to me. Ok, that'll work. But, I have to give an address the same as my credit card address. Hmm, well yes, I know what address my credit card bills arrive at, but, what is it exactly. See, this isn't the US, there can be quite a bit of valid variation in addresses here. The Swiss Postal service is quite bright but not very standardized. So, after trying about a half dozen different variations I give up. It's pointless. It doesn't help that it insists on a State for my address. Yes, we have state like things in Switzerland called Cantons, but, you don't use them in addresses.

So, since both ITN and Travelocity thought that Swissair was the cheapest, off to Swissair's site. They use a custom version of travelocity and, of course, can deal with Swiss addresses. Good thing they were the cheapest...

Web commerce sites shouldn't be so US centric...

Apple up on anticipation of new powerbooks

Risks 20.35 is out.

A new Alert Box "Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design" revisited 3 years later

(From Tomalak's Realm") Too Simply Palm

A new Silicon Follies

NTK is out

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