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30 June 99

What's are the creators of the Palm Pilot up to?

Haiku Headlines

A really good reason to NEVER use free web sites

RIAA maybe rethinks it's policy towards MP3

mkLinux is not dead

A MP3 encoder, the co bit of a codec is out

The travel industry is technophobic? Naa, not when you can only carry 6kg of carryon :-)

29 June 99

June 28th's Rapidly Changing Face of Computing

Going to get nuked? Drink lots o'coffee. About a 100 cups or so :-(.

Silicon Follies Chap 30

28 June 99

This shows why I like competition, @home is thinking of limiting upload bandwith to 128k. The world is not limited to web browswers only...

Nick Petreley writes a rebuttal to Bob Metcalfe's anti-linux article

Brought Texas' The Hush, nice CD, though overplayed a bit in Europe.

(Tomalak's Realm) Are free ISPs going to kill pay ISPs. Though keep in mind that "local" telephone calls in Europe are not "free", you pay per minute. Sometimes as much as $2.80 per hour in Switzerland.

(DaveNet) Why Linux will Win

An interesting Silicon Valley Retrospective

Alertbox - Content Integration

Every once in a while Wired actually comes through with a good article. Blackout is one. I'll skip the bits about whether or not electric utilities are Y2k ready, the best part is the description of how the NE US and Canada dealt with the backouts in 1988.

26 June 99

This week's NTK

A new beta version of Morphic Wrappers for Squeak.

Nathen Myhrvold on leaving MS.

(XML News) XML's Achilles Heel

(XML News) Shattered language: XML debate heats up

(XML News) Opinion: The XML wars are just heating up

More old Apples

Benchmarks between Linux and NT, Take 2

Cyclic discontinues offering CVS support contracts

(Tomalak's Realm) Interview with the Palm Pilot creator.

(Tomalak's Realm) Big Blue Yonder

(Tomalak's Realm) Internet Artifacts.

25 June 99

Civil asset forfeiture law vote.

Web Based file storage - better hope they back up...

New Apple Portable?

Is XML the way for corp data?

Time picks up on Echelon.

(DaveNet) Syndication and Aggregation

Yikes, the net is coming

A new Eric R paper - The Magic Cauldron

24 June 99

Today's quote from XML-DEV

From: Tim Bray -

The lengthy discussions on philosophy and semantics have revealed beyond doubt that this list comprises a world-class congregation of experts... in syntax.

I don't want to be nasty, but I also don't want to wade through all this fluff, and I do want to read xml-dev. Diatribes are much more easy to swallow when accomanied by specific proposals for syntax, APIs, data models, and the like. Arguments about the nature of identity are best placed in environments where alcoholic beverages are available to grease the wheels, and xml-dev doesn't qualify. -T.

Bloomberg doesn't think ecommerce companies will work

Someone at Wired doesn't like StarBucks. Gee, does for the coffee shop what the dustbowl did for Oklahoma?

NETFUTURE #91 is out.

(Slashdot) Eric R goes to Microsoft. Here's the trip report

(Slashdot) DOJ is not happy with a Crypto ruling

(Slashdot) Review of Cryptonomicon

(Slashdot) African Optical Backbone "Ring of Fire"

(Slashdot) Mozilla M7 - Ready for the War

23 June 99

Getting a tech Job

The secret failure of Win 2000.

Silicon Follies Chap 28

Silicon Follies Chap 29

22 Jun2 99

Warning: E Comm under construction

Shoddy planning on EBay's part

Risks 20.46

Time for Tin Foil hats?

TidBITS 486 is out.

(DaveNet) Embrace And Get Over It

(DaveNet) Internet Cafes

Was this a huge suprise? Banks aren't ready for the internet

A new RCFoC

XML for Small devlopers

21 June 99

(DaveNet) Linux

This week's NTK

(Slashdot) Alternative view of MP3

Squeak Tutorials

Cult of Java

MP3 Summit

QD3d Canceled

MVC UI Paper in PDF

Starbucks inet plans

A new Privacy Forum is out.

A nice essay about Freedom on the internet in AU

19 June 99

Risks 20.45

(Tomalak's Realm) Staples worries about being Amazoned

(Tomalak's Realm) Ebay's Problems

17 June 99

DaveNet: A Faceoff With Netscape

XML.COM - Why XML is meant for Java

16 June 99

Risks 20.44 is out

Silicon Follies Chap 27

15 June 99

Review of Po Bronson's new book.

Compaq (nee Dec) Itsy

Worst case Scenarios for the New Millennium

Standalone Squeak

A new TBTF

TidBITS 485

Star Wars despots

XML and the IT architect

14 June 99

A Morphic Tutorial for Squeak.

(Slashdot) - According to the NY Times the Playstation 2 will be a super computer and subject to export restrictions.

RCFoC for 7 June is out.

TidBITS 484 is out.

XML-RPC in Tcl

(DaveNet) Office 2000

(DaveNet) Byte and the Merc

(DaveNet) Friday Loop Closing

(Tomalak's Realm) Anthro studies of Silicon Valley

GSM codes from ETSI

This week's NTK

Silicon Follies Chap 24

Silicon Follies Chap 25

Silicon Follies Chap 26

Alertbox: Disabled Accessibility

7 June 99

Off to the Usenix Conference until next Monday.

United customers give up privacy

Check email, faxes, and voice mail all in one place

Go Aftermath

AAPL is a "buy"

Risks 20.43 is out.

When the system is free MS can't win

NTK is out

Unique IDs return in Win 2k

DaveNet - Thru the Magic of XML

Building Squeak with MPW

Compiling Mac Tcl/Tk with MPW

Root 2.22.04 is out.

A new Squeak Book at Smalltalk Online

DaveNet - Another One! Boys of Woodside

4 June 99

(DaveNet) Concluding the MS Trial

(MS Trial) Need to pay those laywers more


3 June 99

Squeak Bank Account Tutorial moved.

More on the investigation into marketing violence in video games etc. I'm not too happy with the direction this whole thing is going.

Squeak in Dr. Dobbs with an article on x509

2 June 99

Linux Journal interviews Larry Wall

Squeak Bank Account Tutorial

Clinton goes after Hollywood violence

A new Silicon Follies

1 June 99

TidBITS 483 is out

Seidman's Online Insider Vol 6, Issue 7 is out

MS Loses a really smart scientist

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