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13 July 99

I'll be off until 1 Aug

(CamWorld) Free $10 gift certificate

Friday brought a new NTK

A new Rapidly Changing Face of Computing - Repealing Moore's Law?.

Digital Economy confab

TidBITS 488 is out.

First Monday Vol 4, #7 is out.

(Tomalak's Realm) The O2 project - Doing more by doing less - Brilliant!

12 July 99

Risks 20.47

The Magic Cauldron has been updated

(AlertBox) - up-front customer registration doesn't work

MP3 wins one in court

A bunch o'OOP papers on Kim Bruce's Site

DaveNet - Distributed Computing at WWW9

The music industry spins the MP3 issue a bit differently.

(Tomalak's Realm) Toasters on the net. Visions of V. Cerf

(Tomalak's Realm) Instant Company


Silicon Follies Chap 33

Silicon Follies Chap 34

9 July 99

Banner ads fight back. This doesn't work if your browser doesn't support javascript :-)

TBTF. US admits that export crypto controls are about signal intel. Big shock...

Interview with Leonardo Chiariglione of SDMI.

Let's simplify Computer Programs

HTTP 1.1 is approved!

Street Performer's Protocol for funding of alternative works

SDMI will go the way of DIVX. It'll fail

Singapore Airlines The A340 vs 777 saga continues

The war over your privacy is over, you lost

8 July 99

(DaveNet) Linux Don't Blink

Salon is running a marvelous story about the Mekong

(Flutterby) USPS on packing Hippos

(Flutterby) Big suprise - The Christian Analysis of American Culture didn't like the new South Park movie.

(Hack the Planet) An old Wired LifeStreams article

7 July 99

Then - Gen X slackers; Now - Gen X millionaires

You own home PowerPlant? Since we've moved to Switzerland the power has become much more reliable then it was in Maryland. OTOH, we don't get very many storms here and most of the powerlines are buried.

(Tomalak's Realm) A conversation with Michael L. Dertouzos

Squeak links from Marcus Denker below

S P A C E W A R Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums by Stewart Brand

The Xerox "Star": A Retrospective

Alan Kay: The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet!

Alan Kay: Software Design, the Future of Programming and the Art of Learning

Wired brings together two legendary minds: Alan Kay and Danny Hillis.

Revealing the Elephant: The Use and Misuse of Computers in Education

Alan Kay: Powerful Ideas Need Love Too!

The Way We Were

A bicycle for the mind:

6 July 99

Two more chapters of the Handbook of Applied Crytography online now.

Personal Video Records scare ad execs.

TidBITS 487 is out.

Data Mining Text

(CamWorld) The Secrets of Silicon Valley

(CamWorld) Fun with Spammers

5 July 99

Oh great, now you can deal with the mega responsive phone company when you get a bad charge. No thanks, I'll take the credit card company any day...

This week's NTK

David Brin responds to his Star Wars articles in Salon.

(Tomalak's Realm) What!?!?! Web Apps don't scale? You've got to be kidding...

(Tomalak's Realm) Project Cool on freebies on the web.

(Tomalak's Realm) The SDMI grap for power

Silicon Follies Chap 31

Silicon Follies Chap 32

2 July 99

IBMer sees the Net's Future

A new way to think about web browsers

A new smalltalk on-line magazine

Let's make the interface simplier and not use Windows but use XML

Geocities/Yahoo backs down

Ouch, bad day to own SBUX

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