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30 August 99

A Chip GA

Southpark at SegFault

Risks 20.55

Silicon Follies Chap 48

Privacy Digest 8.12


27 August 99

The iMaul

A Cyberspace Atlas

First Chandra images

Living with Linux

26 August 99

Stunning - Alan Kay at Educom 98

Great DaveNet - Compaq DOA, MS NT Setup - Cruel and Unusal Punishment

Linux on MIPS handhelds.

MS Workers have to buy MS Books Why? BTW, this will be down in a few days.

25 August 99

About Web 3d

Chap 47 of Silicon Follies.

24 August 99

Hmm, best not to run some sort of Standard computer - scary.

I'm Shrinking - The web that is...

TidBITS 494

Swiki Beta 3

Prolog for Squeak

Need To Know

AlertBox - Interface Standards

Swiki Beta 4

RCFoC - Adapt or Die

Xanadu Released

MacOS X Server Squeak

The Avida Artifical Life system from Nature 400

23 August 99

The Celebration Chronicles: Life in Disneyville

Linux and X-Ray Astro

Alan Turning's Treatise on Enigma

DaveNet - Who Reads DaveNet

Silicon Follies Chap 46

Must be a No Disney day - The Darker Side of Disney

Someone broke MS's Music Format

18 August 99

I'll be off tomorrow and Friday

Silicon Follies Chap 45

Off off off Wall Street

17 August 99

Hmm, remember AI or Pen Computing? They were once the next big thing

DaveNet: Antiques

RCFOC - The New Winners

Cray's fate

Risks 20.54 MCI WorldCom Frame Relay Problems

TidBITS 493

16 August 99

Software Patents and Open Source

Tasty Bits from the Tech Front - Delusional

Wealth in Silicon Valley

Geek Love - No, not a new G3

Silicon Follies Chap 44

13 August 99

Squeak 2.5 is out. Mac for now, the other packages will be put up as they are produced.

MS's Finding of Fact is a great work of Fiction

Tomalak's Realm - X3D adds lightweight 3d browsing. My take - 3d is hard. As long as it is hard it won't take off.

Tomalak's Realm - What wins Popularity Contests

DaveNet - Deep Linking

Trying to fight 3rd world poverty

12 August 99

Big Suprise - Internet Companies are hard to value

RIAA says We'll git you

11 August 99

Risks 20.53. You cell phone could be a bug

Apple Wizards for Aug 99 is out.

Interview with Linus Torvalds in Upside.

MP3 made it easy to get tunes, but what about revenue?

DaveNet - Scripting News Bulletins

10 August 99

Trying to visit Binh Hoa. Same thing happened here as happened at My Lia.

Salon article on Genetic Programming - Nice overview. Might want to check out The Santa Fe Institute

Weather in Europe for the Eclipse

RCFoC - Not Your Father's Wireless Data

AlertBox - Video and Streaming Media

KPMG and Cisco get together - Interesting

DaveNet - Deep Linking

Tomalak's Realm - Lost in the Web

Tomalak's Realm - Why the Web Sucks

Tomalak's Realm - High Tech devices are too complex

Tomalak's Realm - Honest news in the Slashdot era

TidBITS 492

09 August 99

Polution out side the city is worse than inside?

Chap 42 of Silicon Follies.

A SJ Mercury article on Silicon Valley Architecture

06 August 99

Risks 20.52 is out. Can You Trust AT&T Wireless PCS Text Messaging?

Interesting Business Week section on Data Mining

05 August 99

Henk-Jan Kooiman got Tcl/Tk to build with MPW. This is a great job!

From NTK: There's something quintessentially UNIXique about NGREP. It's a stubby, simple tool, with thousands of potential (but as yet unforeseen) uses. Also - and this has to be the best indicator of a perfect CLI tool - you've already guessed what it does from the name. Yes, it's a packet sniffer which can pluck out regular expressions from network traffic and pipe them to STDOUT. Like all things UNIX (including UNIX), we expect someone will eventually pervert this beautiful, theoretically and malicious tool for non-evil and practical purposes. In the meantime - have fun.

TBTF Rightly to apprehend. It has a great quote from Charles Babbage - "On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament], 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

TBTF for 1999-07-26: Hypocrites Party

The new Squeak Swiki which runs under Commanche

04 August 99

Keepin' the website up.

Netfuture #92 is out.

Great DaveNet on Old Software

Silicon Follies 35-41 came out while I was on vacation.

Great Salon story about the San Juan Special flights.

03 August 99

I'm back. I'll try not to flood links out here.

Risks 20.48

Risks 20.49

Risks 20.50

Risks 20.51

A bunch of NTKs came out.

Tasty Bits from the Tech Front

Watch Satellite tracks in real time

NASA plans for viking attacks.

Washed up at 35?

You can do What? with a Jar Jar toy?

AlertBox - Metcalf's Law in Reverse

A load of good DaveNets

How Programmer's Stole the Web

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