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29 September 99

I'll be traveling until 25 October.

The last silicon follies

Genetic Algorithms Digest V13 N23

KDNuggets 99:20

28 September 99

DaveNet - Take MS's Invitation Seriously

Even if 'Geekness' Is a Disorder, There's No Rush to Find a Cure

Flutterby - it's raining in LA

Risks 20.60 - That's because the Martians keep shooting things down.

TidBITS 499

27 September 99

Privacy Forum 8.13

Seldman's Online Insider

Gilded Ink

RCFoC - There is no Turning Back

25 September 99

MS Linux

Cramer's 10 internet Myths

Virginia is the Capital of the Internet?

DaveNet - Windows Apps on Linux?

Silicon Follies Chap 56

This week's NTK

24 September 99

Those Martians are at it again...

Not a bright move - Balmer trash talks stocks

NetFuture #95. The Distorting Potentials of Technical Capability.

RISKS digest 20.59

23 September 99

Civil rights groups register hate domain names - Good idea.

H1B Visa hearings

22 September 99

Silicon Follies Chap 55

Klein Bottles

21 September 99

DaveNet - Next steps in XML-RPC

TidBITS - 498

The SmallTalk 76 Programming System

AlertBox - User-Supportive Internet Architecture

20 September 99

Squeak Swiki Beta 5

18 September 99

Silicon Follies Chap 54

This week's NTK

Great! I'm the computerized male voice on our anticollision system.

What to know where you're sitting in Cattle Class?

Risks 20.58

17 September 99

Reversal in us crypto policy? Can you say Get Al Gore Elected? I thought you could...

Well, then again, maybe not

Tomalak's Realm - High Tech Disaster Prep

16 September 99

New PowerPC RoadMap in PDF (Grr).

A Neural Net Processor

Don Knuth on programming

Arianna Huffington (not my favorite person) on stock options

Risks 20.57

Silicon Follies chap 53

15 September 99

Is RealNetworks a narrow band Dinosaur?

Tomalak's Realm - Media Literacy

NetFuture 94

Atlantic Monthly article on Waldorf Education

Description of Waldorf teaching methods

14 September 99

eBay addiction

Excellent - DaveNet - An End to the Uper Operating System


TidBITS 497

13 September 99

Got a spare Microwave?

A new Seldman's Online Insider

The eclipse via church pinhole sundials

Rebecca rants on PR people

A new RCFoC - The Pocket Fairy Godmother

12 September 99

Silicon Follies Chap 52

This week's NTK

TBTF - Here's how it works

10 September 99

Bruce Schneier comments on the "NSA" key in Microsoft CryptoAPI

An opensource MPEG library

An interview with James Gosling.

Alertbox - Reputation Managers are here

Payback time says Dolby

08 September 99

How the Tide Turned - Rehoboth Beach

Columbine Jocks can resume bullying

Sun's new SunRay

Fortune's 40 under 40 and Valley of the Dollars

Java didn't take over the world

The imac 2

The G4 and Apple's Second Coming

Silicon Follies Chap 51

07 September 99

Apple Wizards for Sep 99 is out.

XML and DataBases

Boosting Getting better AI results.

TidBITS 496

06 September 99

RCFoC - The Next Battle is Joined

DaveNet - The Dark Side of Syndication - Cassini shoots the Moon - What the Earth looks like during an eclipse.

Getting rid of Insider Trading

This week's NTK

Implications of Commercial 1m Res Satellite

'Citizenship' not Censorship

Silicon Follies Chap 50

04 September 99

Risks 20.56

03 September 99

The fall of SGI - part 1 on

The fall of SGI - part 2 on

Nice Cringely Column

02 September 99

MS Security Probs

01 September 99

Sprawl in Virginia

RCFoC - The Underwear Computer

Tomalak's Realm - Avoid Frequent Flyer Syndrom

TBTF - Abio Rampant

TidBITS 495

Silicon Follies Chap 49

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