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29 October 99

35 Postscript 1 standard fonts donated to the GNU project by URW

Missed this - Dan Gillmore is running a weblog.

World's Slowest NT boot time. 49 mins so far.

A router which plays MP3

Fantastic - Landover Baptist has honored us with a review of TS2 These folks are the greatest undisovered humorists ever :-)

28 October 99


DaveNet -

Good comments on Mosaic-2000

How the Internet ruined SF

Knuth on God and Computers

27 October 99

A good reason to use cookiepecker. It keeps Doubleclick and the like from tracking you as easily

26 October 99

The Orion Society "One of the truly good things on this planet" - Stephen Talbott.

25 October 99

I'm back.

Squeak 2.6 is out

Flashbase a web based database.

Swiki beta 6


CodeWorks is a new object-oriented development environment that makes creating visual, interactive applications what it should be: visual and interactive

Is Tech unplugging our Minds?

Wash DC Tech

Golgi 0.57 is out. It's an outliner for Squeak.

It's a screensaver, no it's a global warming climate model

The case for Stupid Software

Exterme programming Moved

Satellite visibility

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