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30 November 99

FBI's Geek Profile test.

29 November 99

Old - How I escaped from Amazon - From Cluetrain.

ClueTrain - Finding of Fact, a 2 part opus

Cluetrain - MS Financial Fraud

Tomalak's Realm - Usability as a Barrier to Entry

26 November 99

NYT article on computers doing inventions

25 November 99

Happy Thanksgiving in the US!

Nice Toy Story 2 review.

3d web graphics with Alice

Swiki Beta 7, Western Hero is up.

Nov 26 is Buy Nothing Day

24 November 99

Jon Katz on "Consumer Protection" laws for the net.

Good timezone code

22 November 99

Perl in Emacs

Alan Kay on OOP

Risks 20.65

19 November 99

OpenSSH at

How to write unmaintainable code

A new Alertbox - Recruiting panic

18 November 99

Camworld - How Google came to be

On the Cluetrail at comdex day 1.

On the ClueTrail at comdex day 2.

17 November 99

Star War's Empire Strikes Out

Squeak Screen Shots

From Hack The Planet - Why encryption will fail for entertainment

Give Hunter Thompson a new Porsche

16 November 99

From Tomalak: Piracy Panic

From Tomalak: WML

The Imagineer who came in from the Cold

Leonid Meteor shower

TidBITS 506

15 November 99

Salon - Why MS really does Suck

XML/DOM support for Squeak - Incomplete

13 November 99

From Robot Wisdom - Insights on developing games

From Hack the Planet - Good essay on cable modem providers

From Hack the Planet - Technical aspects of cable modems

11 November 99

You're a


Smalltalk-72 for Squeak.

10 November 99 is up

Tog on Security. This didn't work last week.

9 November 99

AlertBox - Graceful Degradation

8 November 99

MS is a Monopoly, but you already knew that. My prediction. If MS's Stock falls then they are dead. Too many MS workers are there because they can become rich off of options.

OOPSLA '99 Trip Report

Risks 20.64

4 November 99

Guerrilla theater for surveillance cams from Robot Wisdom

Make URLs hard to read - from CamWorld

GUSI 2 for the Mac

3 November 99

I'm getting really busy these days so there will be fewer entries, sorry...

The rise of the stupid network.

Self 4.1. runs on the mac.

Unfinished Infoagent for Squeak.

1 November 99

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation

Blogger - Build a web log

TBTF's Blog

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