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24 December 99

Merry Christmas!

Red Herring - Unsung heros of the internet

Paper Computers

RMS on Java and freedom. Great quote - We're here, you're free, get used to it.

David Brin on Person of the Century

Raven has some great humor

XML year in review

23 December 99

Slashdot - Pick your own Net Person of the year

OODBMS Manifesto.

22 December 99

Review of Kent Beck's Extreme Programming

Ray Tracing News Vol 12 no 2 is out

21 December 99

The PC is dead, long live the PC

Watch companies not get the net

20 December 99

Why WAP is a bad idea - flutterby.

An Open Letter to MS (cluetrain)

InfoAgent for Squeak

Java Branding Fees

Risks 20.70

Bad Bad Idea - Balkanize the web...

A full list of Comanche Swikis

17 December 99

Risks 20.69

16 December 99

Dan Bricklin on Tree Cellphone Towers

TidBITS 510

Risks 20.68

15 December 99

Joseph Heller dies. Think Catch-22.

Consulting Silicon in the Snow Belt

Professional Baggage

UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive

Swiki.Net - Think Edit This Page

13 December 99

Industry Standard - The Experience of Being Suddenly Rich

Forbes - Webb Master

9 December 99

From Flutterby - Pierre Bezier Dead

Slashdot review of Mastering Algorithms with Perl

Overiews of two new Squeak Books

8 December 99

Risks 20.67

7 December 99

Voices from Seattle

Jon Katz on the Message from Seattle

10 Trends for 2000 - Red Herring

TidBITS 508

6 December 99

Death files a S-1

3 December 99

Attack Trees in DDJ.

Snake Robots

2 December 99

From Flutterby - You are where you live

Risks 20.66

1 December 99

Day Without Weblogs

World AIDS Day
December 1, 1999

In observance of World AIDS Day, beo daily is participating in a Day Without Weblogs (DW^2).

Today, please take a few minutes to learn about the global AIDS crisis and find out how you can make a difference.

Other online resources and national AIDS service organizations [list on The NAMES Project website]


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