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31 May 2001

30 May 2001

28 May 2001

Sorry for the long dropout, but I've had a big work project.

22 May 2001

18 May 2001

Still working on Namespaces for LWxml.

14 May 2001

After some reflection, under the rubic of "more is better," I will do SOAP 1.1 and Squeak. Next step is getting LWxml to understand namespaces well.

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12 May 2001

Well, maybe not on the SOAP 1.1 and Squeak. It seems to have been done multiple times so this seems a bit pointless :-)

11 May 2001

Let's get going on a SOAP server and client in Squeak. I have not actually done this yet so, this will be more of an exploration rather than a planned lesson.

One starts by downloading Squeak 3.0 and getting it running on your system.

Step 2 is to update squeak to 3.1alpha. Even though it is called an alpha release is really is quite stable. You can do this upgrade by either

Next download LWxml. LWxml is a very simple xml parser which is mostly stolen from Squeak's built in html parser. You can test it by typing:

op := LWxmlParser new.
[doc := (op parseStream: (StandardFileMenu oldFileStream)).] timeToRun.
doc explore.
in a Workspace window. You get a Workspace by clicking on the squeak desk top, selecting Open..., then selecting Workspace. Once you have typed this in select all of the text and run the do-it command, normally by typing clover d or alt d, depending on your system. This will bring up a file open dialog so you need to navigate to an xml file on your system.

If this has made 0 sense, you probably need to spend time learning Squeak on the Squeak Swiki

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10 May 2001

Ok, Genetic algorithms and the stock market looks a bit unsolvable, at least with the CPUs I have available. So I'm going to start a series on building a SOAP 1.1 server and client on Squeak. Note that Squeak runs on just about anything so this ports SOAP to many many systems. WinCE anyone?

4 May 2001

3 May 2001

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