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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

From now on this blog will focus on web services. I'll try to document my experience with getting web services to run in Squeak with a view to making it understandable to anyone, regardless of the computer language used

Reference information will appear on the WebServices link in the upper left corner but the essays will first appear below.

29 Aug 2003


Places to Intervene in a System

26 Aug 2003

Web Services

Web services registry spec released - A Microsoft- and IBM-backed group that promotes the use of the emerging UDDI Web services specification announced Thursday that its members would start distributing test copies of the latest version of the specification.


A counterpoint to the doom and gloom about computer jobs

Wow, U Wisc was really patient here. Flawed Routers Flood University of Wisconsin Internet Time Server

KASY0 (Kentucky ASYmmetric Zero, pronounced "Kay-See Zero"). This includes the first Sparse FNN, a Flat Neightborhood Network. They use a GA to design the case where each PC shares switches with other PCs in order to minimize the number of switches and NICs.

25 Aug 2003


A review of Spam filters

22 Aug 2003



Objects Have Failed by Richard Gabriel

Mandelbrot saw a correlation between the distribution of incomes in economy and the distribution of cotton prices: both seemed to fluctuate randomly and could not be fitted to the normal distribution curve used as a standard model for plotting variation.

Markets And Antimarkets In The World Economy

20 Aug 2003

Web Services

It probably was obvious, but, I'm too busy right now to write much. Still working though.

A Web Services Strategy for Mobile Phones


Damn small linux review

Damn Small linux

Career Calculus

PowerPoint is evil. Tufte is in good form.

19 Aug 2003

Web Services

Members offer glimpse inside WS-I consortium


Extreme Genetic programming.

KDD Cup 2003

The West of the US, rain, and rental cars. In other words why full insurance coverage is always a good choice. Then you don't have to care...

Ten survival tips for entrepreneurs

JWZ has some funny lines these days...

	rzr_grl:    	 Does so-and-so have a contingency plan if the thing
	isn't done by the deadline? 
	jwz:   	I think the contingency plan is to get the thing done by the
	rzr_grl:   	I think you misunderstand the word "contingency". 
	jwz:   	Yeah, well, I've misunderstood it before...

New Diamond Graph Method from a JHU researcher. Of course, JHU will patent it.

Ping 3map the 3D Mapping Platform.

Siggraph 2003

Spotlight on Siggraph 2003 from Creative Planet Communities

GameDev.net's report

Another Siggraph trip report

Siggraph 2003 papers on the web

18 Aug 2003


IEEE has some articles up on power systems

15 Aug 2003

Web Services

From SearchWebServices.com WS-I releases interoperability road map

Web Services Interoperability Organization - WS-I is an open, industry organization chartered to promote Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. The organization works across the industry and standards organizations to respond to customer needs by providing guidance, best practices, and resources for developing Web services solutions.

WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 consists of a set of non-proprietary Web services specifications, along with clarifications and amendments to those specifications which promote interoperability.


In Defense of Not-Invented-Here Syndrome. This is excellent

14 Aug 2003


"Squeaker's DVD". It won 4 Emmys.

The Slate programming language is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language based on Self, CLOS, and Smalltalk.

IBM's RedBooks

13 Aug 2003

Web Services

How can the small Web services companies survive? Won't the big boys (IBM, Microsoft, etc) just make Web services a feature of their offering?

Well, that pointed to an interesting site named SearchWebServices.com

Very funny - The Paradise Pattern

TAM 5 made it across the Atlantic. This was a model airplane

12 Aug 2003


Richard Gabriel's Patterns of Software is now available for free online [via lambda the ultimate] (via Lemonoder)

Defending wheel reinvention.

Ian Clark decides to write a Search Engine

Nutch is a nascent effort to implement an open-source web search engine.

Adaptive Wiki's

11 Aug 2003


GeoWEPP - The Geo-spatial interface for the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP)

8 Aug 2003


Models Come Alive - Will Wright, Maxis/Electronic Arts

7 Aug 2003


It looks like this is a misc day

The IT Productivity Gap - The problem with IT workers is that their output can't be measured in isolation. Without larger organizational changes, IT gains won't measure up.

The above points you to Erik Brynjolfsson's page at MIT. The paper that you want is the June 03 one titled "Computing Productivity: Firm-level Evidence, Review of Economics and Statistics".

USGS Geographic Data Download Alternative Page

GTOPO30 is a global digital elevation model (DEM) with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer).

From the University of Zuerich - Geographic Data and Archives on the World Wide Web

Geostat : The service for spatial data in the Swiss Federal Administration

Free GIS data

AI Junkie is running a competition to develop a program which shows Emergent behavior

Living @home is trying something similiar

Super Cool - HFS Utilities - Access your mac hfs partitions from other systems.

6 Aug 2003

Web Services

I ought to start calling this 'web stuff' rather than 'web services.'

Nice article on RSS Hot Fix for Info-Junkies. Yep, that's me...

Atom 0.2 snapshot is available. Atom, for those of you not following the split with RSS, is a RSS like system

5 Aug 2003

Web Services

OCS - Open Content Syndication (OCS) is an application of XML. The OCS Directory format is designed to enable channel listings to be constructed for use by portal sites, client based headline software and other similar applications. Ie, this is quite similar to RSS

I just downloaded BottomFeeder


Environmental Health News

4 Aug 2003


I'm not going to produce a separate file for July 2003 since it would be so small

The 2002 International Timetabling Competition is now Scored.

Gene Expression Programming. The author, Candida Ferreira, has a new book out that looks cool.

University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group

AspectS is an approach to general-purpose Aspect-Oriented Programming in the Squeak environment. RoleS and PerspectiveS are also both there as well.

Article by Stowe Boyd on Swarm Intelligence in Darwin Magazine

Web Services

RSS Jobs


30 July 2003


Sorry about the lack of updates. It was annual Home Leave to the US and net access was infrequent.

From Dave Thomas and Company, How to Keep Your Job

Web Services

Jim Gray, now at Microsoft Research, has a very interesting article called Distributed Computing Economics. The abstract is:

Computing economics are changing. Today there is rough price parity between (1) one database access, (2) ten bytes of network traffic, (3) 100,000 instructions, (4) 10 bytes of disk storage, and (5) a megabyte of disk bandwidth. This has implications for how one structures Internet-scale distributed computing: one puts computing as close to the data as possible in order to avoid expensive network traffic.

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