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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

From now on this blog will focus on web services. I'll try to document my experience with getting web services to run in Squeak with a view to making it understandable to anyone, regardless of the computer language used

Reference information will appear on the WebServices link in the upper left corner but the essays will first appear below.

30 Sep 2003

Web Services



A paper on the custom file system that Google runs on, written by the folks who designed it

29 Sep 2003


TRAMP stands for `Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol'. This package provides remote file editing, similar to Ange-FTP. The difference is that Ange-FTP uses FTP to transfer files between the local and the remote host, whereas TRAMP uses a combination of rsh and rcp or other work-alike programs, such as ssh/scp.

26 Sep 2003


I, Cringely on the Taguchi method

The National Taiwan University Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has some 3d search engines.

One cool one is a Protein simularity search

They also have a 3d model retrieval system

The data files for the Protein Simularity search come from Protein Data Bank

The file format is described here

25 Sep 2003


WebServices.Org - Web Services Choreography


My Life with Master is a tabletop RPG of the Gothic Romance.


Big bang meets graphics at confab

The AG4 graphics group at Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik in Saarbrucken, Germany.

Their image gallery

Level of detail 3d Models

QSplat model archive

The Digital Michelangelo Project

More models from Virginia

The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

Large Geometric Models archive

The ply file Format

19 Sep 2003


Ahh, our cable company claims that we will soon have internet via cable. I wonder. We have fiber to the house. 1 for the cable tv, but three dark. Will they use them? Hmm...

Metaprog is in Basel

netstyle.ch is in Bern. Getting closer to home.

18 Sep 2003


TCPreen is a simple tool to monitor and analyze data transmitted between a client and a server via a TCP connection; it supports both IPv4 and IPv6. This tool focuses on the data stream (software/socket layer), not on the lower level transmission protocol as packet sniffers do.

17 Sep 2003

Web Services

Web Services transaction specification revisions now available.


Online Games Grab Grim Reality

Ars Technica: Outsourcing (again): will it ruin the middle class and the very businesses that try and save money? - very interesting

Has Structural Change Contributed to a Jobless Recovery? - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The climateprediction.net experiment has been developed to allow a state-of-the-art climate prediction model to be run on home/ school/ work computers. By getting data from thousands of climate models, we will generate the world's largest climate prediction experiment.

Gamasutra -Relational Database Guidelines For MMOGs

Mersenne Twister Home

16 Sep 2003


Continuations Reading Group

Social Impact Games

The future of database research

15 Sep 2003

Web Services

Well, I guess this comes under the web services heading. A Squeak/.NET bridge.

IBM Software: Solutions: Web services by IBM: Overview

There is a WebServices.org site


LawMeme - Compulsory Licensing - The Death of Gnutella and the Triumph of Google

Consumer electronics as a category of discretionary spending has likely seen its best days. The PC upgrade cycle is no more; Its now a replacement cycle. DVDs are fully integrated into the consumer market; What home doesn't have wireless phones and answering machines?

3D file manager

Power to the Edge

12 Sep 2003

Web Services

Approaches to asynchronous Web services

Java and Web Services are not a match made in heaven

Foundations for component and service models

11 Sep 2003

Web Services

Hey, we got some today...

An email interface to Web Services

A new approach to UDDI and WSDL, Part 1

A new approach to UDDI and WSDL, Part 2


amsgc | the applied media & simulation games center

Bio-ADIT 2004 - The First International Workshop on Biologically Inspired Approaches to Advanced Information Technology

The above, btw, leads us to Symbiosis

Beyond Monopoly

9 Sep 2003


I've pointed to them before, but, the Serious games project now has a set of Papers

8 Sep 2003


Prolog in Squeak

Traffic shaping in Linux. Very recommended. I saw someone give a presentation on this and it was good.

]Decoupled Storage: State with Stateless-Like Properties

The Design Of The Postgres Storage System

Gnome Storage - a project to replace the traditional filesystem with a new document store.

4 Sep 2003


2002: A Zope Odyssey. This talk is really two presentations: a tour through the requirements and solutions we offer for eLearning, and a discussion of the implementation environment and architectural choices. Allison and Goldberg chose to use Python, Zope, and MySQL on the server-side, targeting IE, Mozilla, and Opera with Flash MX on the client-side. They used a combination of curriculum expressed in XML, a Smalltalk website generator, and a Zope-based authoring system to manage technical production. AgileMind operates as a virtual company, with team members located throughout the U.S.

3 Sep 2003


The Top Eleven Reasons VR has not yet become commonplace

Raggle, is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby.

Filters that fight back. Does it think it has spam? Fetch all of the URLs inside. The bad bit is that that confirms the email address. Maybe one should just get the top level URL not the URL which seems to contain something that would let the spamlord decide if an address is valid

1 Sep 2003


Networking From the Rooftop - MIT researchers are developing new routing strategies for a wireless network that hops data in the roofs of the city. This is cool.

The main website for MIT roofnet. - MIT Roofnet is an experimental rooftop wireless network testbed for the Grid Ad-Hoc Networking Project in development at MIT LCS's Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group. The goal of our project is to build a production-quality self-organizing network capable of providing Internet service while researching scalable routing protocols.

More research - The Grid Ad Hoc Networking project


Xr Renamed to Cairo - hint, say the letters, in Greek. A nice presentation of Xr is here

Graphite 2004 is 15-18 June, 2004 in Singapore.

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