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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

From now on this blog will focus on web services. I'll try to document my experience with getting web services to run in Squeak with a view to making it understandable to anyone, regardless of the computer language used

Reference information will appear on the WebServices link in the upper left corner but the essays will first appear below.

27 Feb 2004


"Off-shoring" Manifesto/Rant: Sixteen Hard Truths by Tom Peters


ODBASE 2004 is in Cyprus in October


Nice discussion from Andrew Birkett about Optimization

26 Feb 2004


How to make money in (insert niche here ) is a SmallTalk follow up to How to make money with Lisp

Shrinking Squeak 3.4 and 3.6


There is a bio workshop at the 21st Annual British National Conference on Databases in Edinburgh Scotland

25 Feb 2004


Hubbert's Peak argues that we soon will pass the peak production of Oil in the world, and, given that consumption is increasing, we will have to conserve for no other reason than we are running out. Thanksgiving day 2005 is probably the right date


Overview of SQL

24 Feb 2004


Abolitionists as Innovators


This needs a graphical browser, well, not completely, but it's hard to read in lynx. StockCharts.com's Market Summary. Thanks to Big Picture for the pointer.

18 Feb 2004


River City - MUVE for education.

A selection of downloadable games in Italian

Web Services

Web Services Grid Application Framework (WS-GAF) is a proposal on how Grid applications could be built using today's Web Services specifications. The aim of the WS-GAF proposal is to start a debate on the possible future evolution of Grid Service standards. An interview with Ian Foster relateding to this is here


Detecting Patterns in Complex Social Networks

17 Feb 2004


Romanish/English Dictionary


Before trading starts

Web Services

Events, Eventing and Notifcation


Nagoya University's ALife CORE lab

16 Feb 2004


The University of Puerto Rico High Performance Computing facility (HPCf) and the Puerto Rico Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN-PR) are pleased to announce the release of Bioknoppix. Bioknoppix is a live CD linux, based on KNOPPIX, and specialized to include tools for bioinformatics. bioknoppix does not need to be installed on your computer, making it a perfect tool for workshops and demos.


xBase formats.

12 Feb 2004


A new paper on Croquet


ETech session Notes


Rushing toward Chaos

11 Feb 2004

Computer Science

Build a turing machine out of a Model Railroad


Blast 2.2.8 is out

Swarms et al

It looks like SwarmFest 2005 will be Swarm Development Group is planning ahead for SwarmFest *2005*. Pietro Terna of the University of Torino (Turin) has offered to host our first European SwarmFest. The proposed site is the Villa Gualino a conference center in Torino. Villa Gualino is associated with the Institute for Scientific Interchange, which has several research programs in multi-agent systems and complexity. Pietro tentatively reserved the facility for March 19-22, 2005 (Easter is March 27).

2nd International Workshop on Self-Adaptive and Autonomic Computing Systems SAACS 04


Ivan Sutherland's 1963 sketchpad thesis


Nifty things to do with feeds


quinn has a nice review of Tim O'Reilly's Keynote at ETech

09 Feb 2004


Microsoft's Robert Scoble Discusses Search Engine Technology


NetBSD current from 07 Feb 2004 will build with Mac68k softfloat with the following Patch


Cool - Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science is now online

AI stuff

Swarm Intelligence and Patterns (SIP'04) August 26-28, 2004, Budapest, Hungary.

Wellman, M.P., Reeves, D.M., Lochner, K.M. and Vorobeychik, Y. (2004) "Price Prediction in a Trading Agent Competition", Volume 21, pages 19-36


How cloth folds


Running a Businness on Open Source


The myth of RSS compatibility

Iridescent Software Illuminates Research Data

Server platforms: choice, or lack thereof

05 Feb 2004


Wired 12.02: The New Face of the Silicon Age


Wired 12.02: Living Machines


Cluster 2004 is in San Diego


BioBrew is an open source Linux cluster distribution based on the NPACI Rocks (www.rocksclusters.org) cluster distribution and enhanced for bioinformaticists and life scientists. While BioBrew looks, feels, and operates like ordinary Red Hat Linux, it includes popular open source clustering and bioinformatics software e.g. the NCBI toolkit, BLAST, mpiBLAST, HMMER, ClustalW, GROMACS, PHYLIP, WISE, FASTA, and EMBOSS. Installing BioBrew is a simple, straightforward procedure that allows Linux beginners and gurus alike to go from bare metal to cluster in the shortest time possible.


Columbia's Final moments


Getting Started with Your Own Software Company (Requires a newer browser, lynx won't cut it)

04 Feb 2004


You know things are wierd when Alternet and Fortune have basically the same story. The Fortune story is supposed to be from a Pentagon scenario planning session.


Vitorino Ramos et al, Evolving a Stigmergic Self-Organized Data-Mining

Ants 2004 is in Brussels in September

Swambots are Coming

The above points to AntOptima in Lugano

Portland, Oregon is the site of the 2004 Congress on Evolutionary Computation in June. This preeminent annual conference brings together top researchers, practitioners and students from around the world to discuss the latest advances in the field of evolutionary computation.

03 Feb 2004


RSS Winterfest transcripts

02 Feb 2004


The Bank for International Settlements has a buch of interesting papers online.


European Virtual Institute for Genome Annotation receives 12 million Euro

This will use biodas.org, an Open Source system for exchanging annotations on genomic sequence data.


The Deadline by Tom DeMarco

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