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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

I used to think I'd find web services interesting, but, you know, after quite a few months I find that outside of work I just can't get excited. Ergo, we will not focus on web services anymore. Maybe Economics? I sure do spend a lot of time reading about that. OTOH, 3D graphics has always really interested me...

31 May 2004

Evolution Programming


28 May 2004

Personal Planning

Help Yourself

How Zen found me


Beauty is only pixel deep



Shifting Shoals and Shattered Rocks-How Man Has Transformed the Floor of West-Central San Francisco Bay


The Common Lisp Object System - CLOS. These are Richard P. Gabriel's papers

Eco Style

SASS Magazine.

...published by the Sustainable Style Foundation


William McDonough + partners

William McDonough

GreenBlue design

27 May 2004


C'T article about Squeak

Squeak 3.7 beta 5923


Game Guilds are "distrbuted cognition"

Can I help render Shrek 3?


Blame it on the Cicadas - which went on to point out: Assuming yours is not a 2 Hummer family, than you are spending anywhere from $150 - $250 more per month on gasoline. THAT'S why retail numbers are a bit soft . . . Had the ICSC released that statement, they would scare the hell out of holders of retail stocks -- and clearly, this organization is much more worried about spin than truth . . .

26 May 2004


Bokeh describes the out of focus quality of a camera lens. A point that is out of focus will normally be a soft, uniformly dense, circle. Different lens systems produce elipsis or hexagons and different distributions of light across the shape.

Nice collection of graphics Books

What's new in Shrek 2

25 May 2004


The Release 2.0 build from last weekend (23 May) for Mac68k Softfloat systems is on lain

24 May 2004


The power of retailing. Retailing isn't simply the final step at which goods are sold to consumers. Retailing is the stage where an economy elicits informationa about what consumers really want. Retailing stands at the heart of rational economic calculation.


Transcript of Bruce Sterling at MS Corp


bknr is a software launch platform for LISP satellites

21 May 2004

Linux etc

There has been a bit of chattering about a book from the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution by Ken Brown. Andy Tanenbaum has a nice response. So, for that matter, does Linus


Life. Style. Planet. Vivai

SASS -- Style and Sustainability Seasonal. Also points to Sustainable Style Foundation


E-Biz Strikes Again!

The Economist's E-Commerce Survey

20 May 2004


Isabelle (my wife) is working on her first web site at ustax.ch. The hosting company is Infomaniac.ch who seem fairly competent. This has shown that the French word for web hosting is Hebergement and there is an accent ' over that first e.


SIGGRAPH 2004 Emerging Technologies Presents 28 Interactive Installations That Explore the Theme of Enhancing Life

19 May 2004


Emile - Early Macintosh Image LoadEr

18 May 2004


Dave is releasing the Frontier VM as open source.


The Release 2.0 build from last weekend (16 May) for Mac68k Softfloat systems is on lain

14 May 2004


3D RSS Reader


The Release 2.0 build from last weekend for Mac68k Softfloat systems is on lain


Refresh your Memory: Advanced Graphics Algorithms


CLOS papers


Smalltalk Solutions trip report

Time Management

Don't Manage Time, Manage Yourself

13 May 2004


Patrick Logan points to a ComputerWorld case study of the Kapital system at JP Morgan.

12 May 2004


History of Epidemics

Bio Clusters

The Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics Award Program.

11 May 2004

Long time, no updates

Swarms etc

Kevin Kelly - Out of Control

Internet Archive

Two cool things, Freecache and PetaBox. They sure do cool things.


MIT Handheld Augmented Reality Simulations


Pine first use stats


Education Arcade, day 1


Pointshop3D is a system for interactive shape and appearance editing of 3D point-sampled geometry. By generalizing conventional 2D pixel editors, it supports a great variety of different interaction techniques to alter shape and appearance of 3D point models, including cleaning, texturing, sculpting, carving, filtering, and resampling. One key ingredient of the framework is a novel concept for interactive point cloud parameterization allowing for distortion minimal and aliasing-free texture mapping. A second one is a dynamic, adaptive resampling method which builds upon a continuous reconstruction of the model surface and its attributes. These techniques allow to transfer the full functionality of 2D image editing operations to the irregular 3D point setting. Pointshop3D system reads, processes, and writes point-sampled models without intermediate tesselation. It is intended to complement existing low cost 3D scanners and point rendering pipelines for efficient 3D content creation.


Not sure I completely agree with this, but... Copenhagen Consensus is based on the aim to improve prioritization of limited means. The world is faced with a countless number of challenges such as diseases, environmental degradation, armed conflicts and financial instability. Copenhagen Consensus takes a new and critical-analytical approach to assessing the effects of international opportunities for solving the challenges.


Reuters RSS

05 May 2004


Swarms as paint Brushes

The goal of Virtual Terrain Project is to foster the creation of tools for easily constructing any part of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form.

04 May 2004


Chank fonts made of twigs, for the taking


SUNET Internet2 Land Speed Record: 69.073 Pbmps

The Release 2.0 build from this weekend for Mac68k Softfloat systems is on lain


Can software development go on in the developed world?

Avi Bryant - Winning the App Server Arms Race


Seductions Of Sim - Policy as a Simulation Game

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