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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

31 May 2005

Avian Flu

Long time, no posting. Nature has a special section on Avian Flu

23 May 2005


Archiving Lisp History

Ecl 0.9f released


Haskell for C programmers


Probotics the swiss robot store

Went to Robots 05 this weekend. It was cool

20 May 2005

Geo Data

Downloading and Formatting Earth Images (Topographic Maps and Aerial Photographs) from Terraserver for Use in Recreation, Science, Education, with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and in Spatial Analysis with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

19 May 2005

Very little posting as we get our next software release ready


Quite cool and it runs on all of my NetBSD systems - ECL stands for Embeddable Common-Lisp. The ECL project is an effort to modernize Giuseppe Attardi's ECL environment to produce an implementation of the Common-Lisp language which complies to the ANSI X3J13 definition of the language.


Maps of WoW Lands


TrueBlue Archive Will Store Raw Life Sciences Data for Proteomics and Drug Testing


Bet you thought you wouldn't see an entry on pascal here... FreePascal 2.0 released

10 May 2005


EuroBSDCon 2005 is in Basel this year from 25 Nov to 27 Nov


Great XBox game song, Viva la Resolution

Fast 3d city model Creation

03 May 2005


Wolfram's A New Kind of Science is on-line

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