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I've moved to sdf, a very cool public access unix system. The new url is http://edoneel.chaosnet.org

I now work with lisp most of the time

Lisp Logo

29 Nov 2005


Machine level emulator for MIPS and Others

22 Nov 2005

Lisp and Grids

Grid programming in lisp

15 Nov 2005


Understanding BitTorrent: An Experimental Perspective

14 Nov 2005


ANTS 2006 Fifth International Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence September 4-7, 2006. Brussels, Belgium

11 Nov 2005

Tin Foil Hats

No, really I'm not joking...

02 Nov 2005


A new lisp logo

Maxima 5.9.1 was just released

Bruce O'Neel

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