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17 May 2006


Well, there are not good instructions for building a pluggable storage engine in MySQL 5.1 yet (as of today it's 5.1.9). That's the bad news. The good news is that it's now much easier to build a builtin storage engine with MySQL. There are very few files (configure.in/configure) and (sql/handler.h with one enum) on top of the files you need for your storage engine.

Therefore I've gone back to the built-in storage engine and it's here. You untar this file overtop of MySQL 5.1.9 and then you configure and make. Please read the README. Please do not use this in any sort of production environment. I have no idea how unstable this might make MySQL.


I've found a new Scheme called Chicken. This is a clever scheme to C compiler which seems nice. I may or may not use it in place of Scheme48

07 May 2006


A few Debian specific mysql install hints.

02 May 2006


Good news/Bad news. My work to add a new engine by patching MySQL is for naught. That's the bad news. This is because there is a new Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture. This is very good news. The docs are here. Time for some rewriting.


A password per website using MD5

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