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At pckswarms.ch we research techniques to find interesting, but uncommon, events. For example, we have developed a program to scan ethernet packets for uncommon connections in order to discover spyware and bots. More information can be found under the Packet Swarms link on the side bar.

Current research concentrates on applying the same techniques to Commodities markets. Why, you ask, might you care? VAR (Value At Risk) models are common, but, I'm not sure if they don't give a false sense of security in that rare events might first be less rare, and, might be much more damaging that VAR models show.

This work is done with both lisp and Squeak, though we're also looking hard at Haskell

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31 Jan 2007


I'm working more and more with Haskell. It seems quite nice but I've not completely gotten my head around all the ideas yet.

Along those lines we have Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering from Simon Peyton Jones

A History of Haskell: being lazy with class for HOPL-III in June

25 Jan 2007


Postmodern is a Common Lisp library for interacting with PostgreSQL databases.

16 Jan 2007


After a bit of tuning, it seems that even the SS4/110 can keep on running Squeak 3.9. So, for now, I'll use that. Gives me Unix/MacOSX/Windows and is a nice environment.

Scratch is based on Squeak and it is aimed at interactive stories

02 Jan 2007


LEGO digital designer

01 Jan 2007


Bruce O'Neel

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