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While the below research into computer security is still interesting I am also spending time on EarthSwarms.

This was inspired by the International Digital Earth 3-D Visualization Challenge. Why? I've always been interested in Earth data, and, this pushed me to actually do something about it. I strongly believe that without a deeper appreciation of climate change and the Earth spread across more people (ie, not just YOUR friends) we will not get very far in terms of a reasonable solution. EarthSwarms is one of my ideas as to how to engage less technical people.

More details under the Earth Swarms link but the basic idea is that this needs to run as many places as possible, and, not require fiddly 3d library installation and/or annoying graphics card/GPU installation. If you have something cool it runs faster, otherwise it just runs.

This is all written in The Squeak Environment Squeak since nothing else is so good at cross platform portability. Java? Yea, not on any system I actually own and run...

At pckswarms.ch I research techniques to find interesting, but uncommon, events. For example, I have developed a program to scan ethernet packets for uncommon connections in order to discover spyware and bots. More information can be found under the Packet Swarms link on the side bar. This work is done in Lisp.

22 May 2007

Security, the field that just keeps giving

If you haven't looked at the HotBots paper by Grizzard et al it's worth your time.

Matt Blaze on The Eavesdropper's Dilemma.

15 May 2007


Why it's a bad idea to use a public wi-fi.

Thoughts on the Rear Guard PodCast.

LBNL/ICSI Enterprise Tracing Project.

Applied Kid Cryptography.



11 May 2007


A new version of PckSwarms, my lisp packet classification program is done. This works on sbcl and clisp (and probably ecl but I've not tested it yet) and now deals with both files captured from big-endian and little-endian systems. See the Packet Swarms page.

It looks like using WEP is even a worse idea then before - TJX Breach Began With WEP Crack.

Bruce O'Neel

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