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So, now for something completely different...

It seems that EarthSwarms isn't going to take off, so, we'll put that on the back burner for now.

Packet Swarms pretty much seems stable.

Therefore, let's do something completely different. Or, the same, as the case may be. I've always thought that MySQL's idea of pluggable storage engines was clever, and, I have some interesting ideas about connecting MySQL and Squeak.

The cool thing with this is that you can map many other types of data in to a form that you can at least read, and maybe write, from within MySQL.

28 June 2007


Really is the subfield that just gives and gives...

ars technica - The enemy adapts: the state of spam, malware, and phishing scams

21 June 2007


Tor users might not be as secure as they think if their packets pass through Internet Exchanges

Exploring Protocols


Small article about seaside.

20 June 2007

Squeak Smalltalk

AIDA/Web Smalltalk Web Application server.

To be complete, here is Seaside.

18 June 2007


Structured Procrastination. Brilliant

Personal Productivity


Guess it should really be Web 2.0

Amazon Web Services

Facebook Developers

Google Widgets

Marc's view of the facebook API

15 June 2007

MySQL storage engines

When I worked with this before, about a year ago, it wasn't ready for prime time yet. Things are in much better shape now.

Brian Aker has written a nice set of blog postings on getting a skeleton storage engine running here.

The instructions here didn't quite work for me though, so, from a basic Debian Etch install you:

Next I work on making things talk to a running instance of Squeak

12 June 2007


Hamachi is a community-developed utility for verifying browser integrity, written by H D Moore and Aviv Raff. Hamachi will look for common DHTML implementation flaws by specifying common "bad" values for method arguments and property values.

Free Rootkit with every new Intel machine!


Epidemic Algorithms for Replcated Database Maintenance

07 June 2007


Some flash links. It would be nice if Adobe would release the swf file format.

A gnu clone - gnash

A Gnash FAQ

06 June 2007


Cool 2D game engine.

The guy's Blog.


Linus on Git.

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