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So, now for something completely different, again...

After a bit of playing around with MySQL's pluggable storage engines it ended up feeling too much like work. Sorry, this is a spare time/play time project and we don't do work then.

So, what about some sort of game like thing? Something where the front end is the handy dandy already installed browser, and the back end looks a bit like a web server. Let's play with this.

We'll get to learn Ajax and probably end up writing a web server, either in Squeak or SBCL. Why? Just because I don't like the current practice of stitching together a bunch o'components, many of which just take up memory and slow things down.

On the surface it seems like such a brilliant idea. You've got all these components that just need to be integrated together with shim after shim and middleware after middleware, and soon you need a 1GHz cpu with a gig of memory just to run the bloody mess. No, sorry, I'm a programmer.

Why Squeak and/or SBCL? Why not. I spend my days doing C/C++ etc. If I'm going to do this at night I want something fun to work in.

For Squeak, if we go that way, we'll use the SqueakLand image. They claim it's under and Apache 2.0 type license already.

01 August 2007


Got a bunch o'books for the annual O'Neel North American Tour, so updates won't happen for about 3 weeks or so. Picked up O'Reilly's Head Rush Ajax and Pratical Ajax and that should keep me occupied.

Planet Ajaxian


Google Maps is changing the way we see the world

Grup distributed web crawling project

Search wikia Wiki. They bought Grub (thanks!)

Bruce O'Neel

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