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So, now for something completely different, again**2...

A while ago I was looking at the commodities markets, and, I'll think I'll go back to that again, but this time with ocaml.

20 September 2007


We're heading back to ocaml again. First it was erlang, but, cool as erlang is, it's strong points are in distributed multiprocessing and that's not a current interest right now. Then it was back to the old Haskell vs ocaml debate, and, cool as Haskell is, it doesn't work so well on slower systems with limited memory. Recall that I have a bunch o' slugs running Debian and they have 32 meg of memory. Haskell likes a bit more to be happy.

Ocaml builds very fast as well, and, it seems like less of a jump for me to get going with fuctional programming. I'll keep an open mind though and may go back to Haskell.

With that in mind, Glome a ray tracer in ocaml.

One can access OpenGL from ocaml with eithe glcaml or labgl. Glcaml works with newer OpenGLs, but labgl can be run as scripts.

19 September 2007


O'Reilly History of Programming Languages

14 September 2007


Big ball of Mud

13 September 2007


Squeak by Example has been released

05 September 2007


How to get to Squeak from within Scratch

04 September 2007


Exploring Erlang

Planet TrapExit


Web 2.0 and beyond

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