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I've decided to do a sprint to learn the Seaside web framework running within Squeak. Let's see what I can do in 2 weeks. The progress will be below, skip down to 12 May to see the beginning.

31 May 2008


The OpenGL Red book (Programming Guide) and the Blue book (Reference Guile). There is also a Tutorial.

19 May 2008

Seaside Sprint

Ok, finally learned enough php etc such that WebChanged, on the left side bar, works as the pass through to the home system. There is an access code.

Now off to make Seaside work...

(Later). I've thought about it a bit, and, what I really need right now, much more than something to make my web browsing more efficient, is a simple manager for the job search. Guess what we're going to write...


Squeak on the wifi Bot

12 May 2008

Seaside Sprint

The overall project will be one that mixes a web page with RSS feeds. You upload a Firefox bookmarks.html file, and, every so often on your customized web page you get a summary of the updates. I'm interested because I have a number of folders in my bookmarks file, and some frequency I open all in different tabs and then scan to see what's changed. So the goal then is to build a WebApp which will automate this process. It's a bit like a rss reader, but, reads the pages instead.

The initial page will be on Infomaniak since that is where my main server is. You'll land on a page where you enter some sort of access code, then, this will redirect you to my home server where Seaside runs.

Once there (and therefore in Seaside) you land on a page to either sign up or log on. Sign ups will also have an access code, just because I don't really feel like hosting the worlds bookmarks files.

Once you sign up you will be given the option to upload a bookmarks file and set how often it is checked.

Once you've uploaded a bookmarks file you can check the results etc.

7 May 2008


OpenSolaris. I'm guessing though that it's x86 only...

5 May 2008


Extracting Meaning From the Structure of Networks

Bruce O'Neel

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