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20 August 2008


This is cool. A newish way of designing and playing a game. I think that games are both a very interesting media and a stagnated media. The world does not need another GTA...

12 August 2008


Squeak Developer's Images. These are quite nice. Slow (well, on a 400mhz PPC), but nice.


Siggraph 2008 is running right now, so, here are some papers

11 August 2008




Yea HP. They've published a whole lot o'tech reports from DEC and later Compaq Here

5 August 2008

Yes, long time, no updates...

Squeak, prolog, toylog, and STEPS

Inspired by the presentations at Smalltalk Solutions 2008 I listened to a presentation about OMETA. It was quite interesting. He also talked about ToyLog, a prolog that's easy to work with

Game Development

Game development in PLT Scheme

SBCL Lisp/Ubuntu

Updated a number of systems to Hardy Heron. I now can spell Heron. This included the PPC SBCL BuildBot system. For some reason or another Fedora 9 didn't work so well.

Bruce O'Neel

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