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31 October 2008

Happy Halloween


I uploaded the build of SBCL. Sparc seems to build and run tests well, though, there seems to be some sort of NetBSD hang if you let user processes get way bigger then your real memory (or so). You can get this version from my SBCL page.

17 October 2008


SBCL NetBSD/Sparc also self builds. You can get this version from my SBCL page.

16 October 2008


I got SBCL to work on NetBSD/Sparc. No, not Sparc64 on the Ultras, Sparc as in SPARCStation 10s, SPARCStation 20s, etc. You can get it from my SBCL page. NB: I've only cross built it, I'm not sure it self builds. You MUST run as root until I figure out how to make normal users have big memory limits, so you really should cross build it yourself rather than downloading some random binary from some random person and running it as root. Quite a bit (think ASDF) doesn't build so it's incomplete.

13 October 2008


I've added a new page on my SBCL work. I try to keep up on the builds of the current CVS tree of SBCL as well as getting an OpenGL interface working.

I also spent the weekend trying to get SBCL working on NetBSD Sparc 32 bit systems. No success yet, but....

Smalltalk/Objective C

Etoile (means star if you get those accents right) looks quite interesting.

09 October 2008


New developer images at: Squeak Developer Images Page

Bruce O'Neel

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