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30 July 2009


A few misc links to round out the month.

Uzbl - a browser that adheres to the unix philosophy. I will admit to being horrified that Firefox frequently runs at 400M of memory, and this on a system where flash is NOT installed.

Chris Hecker's liner nodes for Spore

22 July 2009


Is there something wrong with certain kinds of trading? -- on order sniffing and 'front running.' My opinion here. You have to assume that this is happening. If not, you are a fool...

Article from Trader's magazine about flash and step-up orders.

20 July 2009


Spread betting with genetic programs.

10 July 2009

File Systems

Ceph is a distributed file system aiming to be better than the Nightmare File System (NFS).

9 July 2009

Floating Point

A mechanically checked proof of IEEE compliance of the floating point multiplication, division and square root algorithms of the AMD-K7 processor.

Similar, Implementation of the Lisp-Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic for a Vector Processor, Portable Standard Lisp on a Cray.

8 July 2009


Experimental Video Game Evolves its own Content

7 July 2009


Well, sports betting really - The man who shook up Vegas


Shullfletron a common lisp music player for Linux

Simply scheme can be downloaded

Acclaim a presentation program in Common Lisp.

Modern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT


CIG'08 Proceedings


The NOSQL debrief

MIT Database Systems (6.830) TA Course Notes

5 July 2009


Blather about FPU optimization and threading with SBCL

Dumb but fast

Bruce O'Neel

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