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Most computer programmers tend to make technical decisions based on cliches they read about on the Internet, and unfortunately I don't know the cure for being dumb. - Vladimir Sedach

Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

9 April 2014


I know I will need this at some point. Installing Clozure Common Lisp"> on Rasberry Pi or other ARM systems.

1 April 2014


Unhappy Truckers and other algorithmic problems.

InfluxDB a distributed time series database.

Earth Quakes

Seismic Data set could improve forcasts.

Quake Historical Catalog

Global Historical Quake Archive

Atmo Science

Project Quicksilver a hyperlocal real-time map of global temperature.


Hugh Laurie's Los Angeles.

Why to live in Miami

L'Esperance for handicaped kids


On the Cleverness of Compilers

Big Data

BlinkDB queries with bounded errors and bounded response times on very large data.

Data Sets for Big Data

CalTech Quant Finance Group


NVidia's small GPU board



MacMini Vault

Deep Learning/Machine Learning

Deep learning and Movie Sentiment Analysis

UCI machine learning repository

OpenSource Sentiment Analysis


Deep Learning to listen for Whales.

File Systems



The Ocean is broken

Post-Antibiotic world.

Bruce O'Neel

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