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25 June 2011


Hot Chips 22 had some interesting papers, including IBM's PowerEN processor.

The Fraunhofer Parallel Cluster File system

So, you believe what you read on the internet? Really?

Graph Databases


Cool lake temp data


I hope she wins. 4 years of comic gold.

20 June 2011


New code drop for Arupa. The results are now realistic. The big problem before was that the buy logic was wrong. It ended up assuming that the cost per share was 1. But the logic on sell was to use the correct cost per share. It turns out that your profit quite well if you always buy at $1 and sell at market price.



The #1 on the top500 list is, oddly enough, a SPARC. Fujitsu's brochures on their chip.

Hotchips presentations

13 June 2011


New code drop for Arupa. The results are supprisingly good. For those of you who have spent too much time in the MBA world, this is not a positive statement.

While we're on the subject, usage of Arupa is at your own risk. Stupid doesn't even begin to define those who trust this for buy/sell signals. And, of course I don't even begin to qualify as a Financial Advistor (tm).

2 June 2011


GPU windows password cracking.

List of distributed systems papers. The actual list.

Social engineering. Quite clever

Bruce O'Neel

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