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Most computer programmers tend to make technical decisions based on cliches they read about on the Internet, and unfortunately I don't know the cure for being dumb. - Vladimir Sedach

Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

14 December 2014


Move your startup to a Moroccan Beach.

Sometimes kill -9 is not enough.

Mexican immigrants beat MIT at robots.

part 2 of that story.


el-prep from Exascience.

Small Lisp Relational DB.

Visualizations/Deep Learning

California drought Visulation

Big data for the planet.

Stanford Large Network Collection.

Graph Processing System.

NIPS 2014 papers.

Data Science Blogs.

RITA Airline On-Time Stats and causes.

State of Deep Learning in 2014.

New Data Visualizations.


Giving away a 15th Century village for free. I must admit a lot of attraction for Spain.

Two spain old property web sites

Spanish visas for Entrepreneurs.

Bruce O'Neel

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