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Most computer programmers tend to make technical decisions based on cliches they read about on the Internet, and unfortunately I don't know the cure for being dumb. - Vladimir Sedach

Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

New month, new directions. Let's play some games.

16 May 2015

Climate Data

What no one wants to admit about climate change.

15 May 2015

Spatial Data

FOILing NYC's Taxi Trip Data

NYC Taxi Trip Data

Big Data Spatial Joins.

13 May 2015

Probabilistic Programming

The Anglican Probabilistic Programming System

10 May 2015

Data Visulization

Homocide Monitor very interesting...

06 May 2015

Probabilistic Programming

MIT Probabilistic Computing Project

Venture a higher-order probabilistic programming platform.

BayesDB a Bayesian database table.

Geo Data


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