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31 January 2018


Pharo Tech talk on Genetic Programming

Pharo Tech Talk on Genetic Programming slides.

Pharo TechTalks

Vector Programming

Outperforming LAPACK with C metaprogramming

and with C++

Games and GPUs

7 influential immersive sims that all devs should play

Low-Level thinkin in high level shading languages.

SMI 2018 Shape Modeling International (SMI 2018) Symposium

Helo CUDA Interactive GPU programming.

Javascript Deep Learning





Software 2.0 - Karpathy.

28 January 2018


EasyGov for company creation in la Suisse.

26 January 2018

Shipping and Blockchains

Overviews of shipping.

Parsing blockchain.

When does a Bill of Lading become a Contract of Carriage

Grisp running Erlang on bare metal.

UniPi for IOT.

Nicaraguan addresses.

Keep your hands on the wheel.

Hetzner Cloud

Discrete Math.

OpenWRT on a Wifi card reader.


Ludicious in Rolling stone.

7 influential immersive sims that all devs should play

Low Level Thinking in High Level Shading Languages.

Forging a Swiss Lens: 3 Ways Zurich Changed My View of Silicon Valley



Open Data Analysis

Nice Article That talks about the US culture.

Trump's gift to the climate movement.

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