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Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

New month, new directions. Let's have some fun.

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16 Jul 2016

Catchup -- Most of this is computer related.

Game Theory is Really Counterintutive.

Ecorobotix in Yverdon

Raspberry Pi cluster.

Dataflow as Database.

Long Distance wifi. Low tech internet, though I don't think low-tech is right.

Exploring ant colony behavior

ANTS 2016 in Brussels

MapZen is an open mapping platform.

Advanced Forth Programming Topics.

A Birds-Eye

Teaching an AI to write Python code for Python code.

Deep History of your apps - NeXTSTEP.

CalTech Quant group



Barbarian Coders at the Gate.

3D Depth reconstruction from a single still image.

Complexit Rising : From humans to civilization.

NECSI New England Complex Systems Institute.

Ada Fruit - Raspberry PI stuff.

Adam Geitgey - Machine Learning is Fun!

Mental Maps.

ICLR 2017 - 19th international conference on learning robots.

Twitter Selphies.

Skin in the game.

Deep Learning.

Death Valley Germans.

Fuzzy Genetic Systems.

Detecting Money Laundering

SBCL and assembly language.

Google and machine learning first.

Create a bootable MacOS X installer.

Demystifying climate models

Weather with Wolfram Language and PI.

GPS Tracker.

Photos with the PI.


Google and Boston Dynamics.

Deep Learning meets genome biology.

MapBox up to date satellite imagery




Chasing cats.

Dynamic forces shaping AI.

Deep Learning Applications.

Real Time Performance Monitoring.

GLPGPU walkthrough

15 Jul 2016



08 Jul 2016


IP form


Running is always blind.


3rd Edition of our Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence (2016 LA-CCI).

Bruce O'Neel

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