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Most computer programmers tend to make technical decisions based on cliches they read about on the Internet, and unfortunately I don't know the cure for being dumb. - Vladimir Sedach

Bary Ritholtz's The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

New month, new directions. Let's play some games.

30 July 2015

Machine Learning

Hinton's Dropout in 3 Lines of Python

Why Deep Learning Works II: the Renormalization Group

29 July 2015


(fifth RacketCon)


How Google Translate squeezes deep learning onto a phone

28 July 2015


The Itanium processor, part 1: Warming up


Kids in India survey slums. Tres cool.

Neural Nets

My 1st Kaggle ConvNet: Getting to 3rd Percentile in 3 months

Depth First Development in NYC

27 July 2015

Machine Learning

Using Amazon Machine Learning to Predict the Weather

Why are Eight Bits Enough for Deep Neural Networks?

6 Tricks I Learned From The OTTO Kaggle Challenge

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks

Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection

How to implement a neural network: Part 1


and the code for Marl/O

Whats wrong with Deep Learning.

Five crazy abstractions my Deep Learning word2vec model just did

Real-World Active Learning

Growing pains for deep learning.

Deep Learning in Neural Networks - An Overview.

Wierd Data Sets

How computers see porn

Deep Dream

Critique of Paper by "Deep Learning Conspiracy"

Thoughts on Time Series.

Growing Pains for Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Understanding Neural Networks Through Deep Visualization

ICML 2015 and Machine Learning Research at Google

Big Data: Astronomical or Genomical?

Create Deep Dream Inception Videos

The General Video Game AI Competition - 2015

How Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing the Art of Influencing Human Behavior

26 July 2015


Andrew Ng.

AI as puppetry.

Anti-Vaxxers influncing things.



Scalable Game Designs in Mexico

Mountain Farm Work

Berge In Satz.


What is code

Http/2 is here, let's optomize

Game economies with Neo4J

Laudato Si



Princeton Global Forcings

Nasa Global Climate Change

Design principles behind Smalltalk

23 July 2015


Functional programming in a dysfunctional world.

Neural Nets

Neural Networks in 11 lines of python.

Neural Networks in 13 lines of python.(part 2)

Machine Learning to increase revenue.

1 July 2015


Lisp in production.

Bruce O'Neel

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