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A larger challenge is to encourage the shift from rationalism, which assumes that algorithms are the answer, to empiricism, which assumes that continuous exploration, persistent questioning, and vigorous dialog will promote a deeper understanding of our world.

Dimitris Chloupis made a remarkably astute observation - Lisp is a factory for making programming languages; Smalltalk is a factory for making programming environments.

30 April 2019


ISIC International Skin Imaging Collaboration.

AI Helps Detect Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence with High Accuracy.

AI Helps Classify Lung Cancer at the Pathologist Level.

Introduction to Motion Estimation with Optical Flow.

Realsense T265 Tracking Camera

Donkey Car


Advances in Weather prediction

HackerNews discussion.


Why Game of Thrones The Longest Night was so dark. For those of you too lazy to read the article the basic problem is that the origional uncompressed video stream did not fit will into current codecs. I find this really distracting in lots of cases, say, watching a football match where lots of people are waving something will almsot always be blocky from the cosine transforms.

24 April 2019


Tank Man


Set Covering with Experts.

23 April 2019


Dear AI startups: Your AI models are dying quietly.

Graph Convolutional Networks.

Google Coral TPU board and USB.


Ideas to help restore insects.

Electric cars in Germany emit more CO2 than diesel ones.

Just because it's digital does not mean it's green.

Was there civilization on earth before humans?

How does Turbulence get started?

CMIP6 status


EuroGraphics Symposium on Rendering.

20 April 2019


TinyML Summit

What Machine Learning needs from hardware.

Interview with Jeff Base - ImageZMQ


TedX Bogota on Resiliencia.

Evaluating Knowledge to Support Climate Action: A Framework for Sustained Assessment

Small Computers

Why I talk about Smalltalk even when working in Java

Pi Shop in CH


Get great 3d scans with Open Photogrammetry

10 April 2019


Itinerant - probability visualization.

Climate Change

Satellite Photos show Europe's changing climate.

European State of the Climate 2018

Soil Degradation in Europe.

Mud and Guts.

09 April 2019


Bogota Post

08 April 2019


DCASE 2019 Challenges.

DCASE community

Sound Event Localization and Detection.

Urban Sound Tagging

Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona - Music Technology Group.

05 April 2019

Small Computers

Pi Weather Station.

Garden Tracking Database

Low Power Computing with Raspberry Pi

PostgreSQL performance on Raspberry Pi

Climate Change

Heaven or High Water. Miami's last 50 years.

First successful model simulation of the past 3 million years of climate change


Teaching Machines to Reason.

Dangers of AI.

03 April 2019


The Bitter Lesson - after 70 years it turns out that more data and generalized methods really work better..

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