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Why not? I've seen your daily routine. You're not busy.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Now go and learn it.

A larger challenge is to encourage the shift from rationalism, which assumes that algorithms are the answer, to empiricism, which assumes that continuous exploration, persistent questioning, and vigorous dialog will promote a deeper understanding of our world.

Dimitris Chloupis made a remarkably astute observation - Lisp is a factory for making programming languages; Smalltalk is a factory for making programming environments.

24 November 2020

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. No great change with COVID-19.

Sentilo BCN

Barcelona Digital City


Jane Street Tech Blog.

Papers on Quantitative Trading Models

20 November 2020

Leap Second Hiatus

Forensic Architecture - Beruit explosion.

A Game Designers view of QAnon

The next decade can be even worse.

UniPi Home Automation.

Mzcotoxins are back

18 November 2020

Looking for a better future: modeling migrant mobility - Venezuelan migration in Colombia.

17 November 2020

Groundbreaking new study says time spent playing video games can be good for your wellbeing

Video game play is positively correlated with well-being

16 November 2020

VW boosts investment in electric cars.

The Reuter's version

15 November 2020

Wayeb is a Complex Event Processing and Forecasting (CEP/F) engine written in Scala.

10 November 2020

Sustainable Transport Planning in R.


Light at the end of the Ocean.

What comes after.

A new model of earthquake propagation.


07 November 2020

Early History of Smalltalk.

Bruce O'Neel

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