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Why not? I've seen your daily routine. You're not busy.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Now go and learn it.

A larger challenge is to encourage the shift from rationalism, which assumes that algorithms are the answer, to empiricism, which assumes that continuous exploration, persistent questioning, and vigorous dialog will promote a deeper understanding of our world.

Dimitris Chloupis made a remarkably astute observation - Lisp is a factory for making programming languages; Smalltalk is a factory for making programming environments.

31 August 2021




21 August 2021

Elizabeth Hargrave's Wingspan game.

The return of DC power.

Autism and Mindcraft.

16 August 2021

Bogota Siggraph

Don't Throw Out Your Algorithms Book Just Yet: Classical Data Structures That Can Outperform Learned Indexes

Email Authenticity 101: DKIM, DMARC, and SPF

I figured out how DMARC works, and it almost broke me

15 August 2021

Asahi Linux on Apple's M1.

14 August 2021

CL-Cuda - Common Lisp CUDA access.

13 August 2021

Bloomberg Traveling durig COVID-19.

12 August 2021

Siggraph - NASA's Tour of Asteroid Bennu is selected.

Open Sourcing a more precise time appliance.

Visualization Singapore Historic Covid Cases.

Swiss Re Institute - The economics of Climate Change.

Animal Logic's USD scene.

USD Alab download.

Fast Thunderbolt NAS

Ancient Fish Weirs.

State of netbooting Raspberry PI in 2021

Running IRIX on MAME

Bloom Filters.

10 August 2021


07 August 2021

Long Painful History of time. Time is really really hard on computers. I spent a nice portion of my life dealing with this and spent lots of email time explaining this over and over and over to people who should have known better.

Why Medieval City Builder Video Games are historically inaccurate.

Real Story of Pixar.

SAML is wildly insecure.

Stanford AIMI shared datasets

The real site for AIMI.

CreaJeux.fr- l'ecole des metiers du jeu video

03 August 2021

The Machine that Builds Itself: How the Strengths of Lisp Family Languages Facilitate Building Complex and Flexible Bioinformatic Models

The Reference Path Tracer.


GPU-Montuni Moana island.

Swallowing the Elephant - rendering Moana on the GPU in pbrt

Leap Seconds expose bugs, even if they don't happen.

Beautiful Ideas in Programming.

02 August 2021

Neural MMO is a computationally accessible research platform that simulates populations of agents in procedurally generated virtual worlds.

A Soil-Science Revolution Upends Plans to Fight Climate Change

institute of advanced research in artificial intelligence.

is running a multi-sensor weather forecast competition

Southern Ocean Carbon Secrets.

Fluid Dynamics of Respiratory Infectious Diseases

Useful Algorithms That Are Not Optimized By Jax, PyTorch, or Tensorflow

Naval Architecture.

Beating the L1 cache with value speculation.

Multics 12.7 released.

London's Crossrail is a virtual model

Boats should be sleek.

Clusterboard A64 reset problem.

Bruce O'Neel

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