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Why not? I've seen your daily routine. You're not busy.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Now go and learn it.

A larger challenge is to encourage the shift from rationalism, which assumes that algorithms are the answer, to empiricism, which assumes that continuous exploration, persistent questioning, and vigorous dialog will promote a deeper understanding of our world.

Dimitris Chloupis made a remarkably astute observation - Lisp is a factory for making programming languages; Smalltalk is a factory for making programming environments.

31 October 2021

Raspberry Pi zero 2W updated

6 truths about Video Game Stories.

NASDAQ Data Link

Comparing SQLite, DuckDB and Arrow with UN Trade Data

UN Comtrade Database.

Read RDS data.

LIDAR survey of Maya ceremonial sites in Southern Mexico.

29 October 2021

Thomas Mueller - Graphics at NVIDIA

tev — The EXR Viewer

25 October 2021

First EuroGraphics Workshop on Intelligent Graphics.

23 October 2021

PlayStation 3 Architecture

And the Hacker News thread on that.

Jon Ingold on translating archeology into video games.

How big data carried graph theory into new dimensions.

Kina Knowledge on using Common Lisp.

Composability in Julia: Implementing Deep Equilibrium Models via Neural ODEs

ArcGIS La Palma eruption.

Age of Machine Learning as Code

Hacker news Thread on that.

Raspberry Pi Sense Hat.

Astro PI

19 October 2021

Beautiful Landscapes of Cloud Gardens.

3 Hours to Save Integral.

Apple 68K emulator.

Future of Graphics with Zig.

Bigger - Based on a library named bigg, which stands for bgfx + imgui + glfw + glm

Kelvins - Pose Estimation 2021.

14 October 2021

AI Prediction of accident hot spots.

Flocking out of Chaos.

How Wavelets allow researchers to transform and understand data.

MGL - Machine Learning Common Lisp Library.

Watching a Model train.

GMT - Generic Mapping Tools

09 October 2021

Artomat - cigarette vending machines which vend art.

Intro to fluid simulation.

Peat Data

European Lisp Symposium 2022 will happen

06 October 2021

Mesh Nets.

Mycelium Nets.

05 October 2021

Why I still lisp.

Game Development in Racket.

Sid Meier and the meaning of civilization.

Open Maps for Europe.

GEO Blender and Europe Digial Elevation Maps (DEM)

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