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Why not? I've seen your daily routine. You're not busy.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Now go and learn it.

A larger challenge is to encourage the shift from rationalism, which assumes that algorithms are the answer, to empiricism, which assumes that continuous exploration, persistent questioning, and vigorous dialog will promote a deeper understanding of our world.

Dimitris Chloupis made a remarkably astute observation - Lisp is a factory for making programming languages; Smalltalk is a factory for making programming environments.

28 Feburary 2022

Microsoft TorchGeo - TorchGeo is a PyTorch domain library, similar to torchvision, that provides datasets, transforms, samplers, and pre-trained models specific to geospatial data.

3dvf - LIDAR HD for all of France.

IGN's LIDAR HD site.

EarthExplorer From the USGS - has Landsat9 data.

Neo4J sandbox.

27 Feburary 2022

Machine Learning Model for Power Grid problems.

RoarVM is a manycore Smalltalk Virtual Machine

26 Feburary 2022

USGS HDDS (Hazards Data Distribution System browser.

OpenGeoHub Foundation Twitter.

OpenGeoHub Foundation.

Seamless 30 meter Sentinel-2 L2A Pan-European seasonal cloudless mosaics (2018 – 2020)

Planet Twitter Account.


ClimateBase Jobs.

Sentinel-1 Global Backscatter Model

Sentinel 2 Bot Twitter.

Sentinel2 Bot code.

Forest Degradation Using Landsat code

23 Feburary 2022

A Gentle Introduction to Vector Databases.

SimCity, Cellular Automata, and Happy Tool for HyperLook (nee HyperNeWS (nee GoodNeWS))

20 Feburary 2022

Intel Embree high performance ray tracing

How much boilerplate code do you need to write for a ray-tracer

Hacker News discussion

Demodulation of the LTE uplink.

Hacker News discussion.

Daniel Estevez on the JWST telemetry and ranging.

18 Feburary 2022

AstroCast - Global Satellite IoT

Astronode DevKit.

Pololu - Robots

15 Feburary 2022

Medieval City Generator

Review of Shader Languages.

Clustered-Pi Zero edition in the form of a Cray-1

Aphros Finite Volume Solver

CSCS pub on Aphros.

Sarus - Another HPC container format.

10 Feburary 2022

Electrical Map of Europe

Grid Stability - SwissGrid.

Frequency Deviation Serbia/Kosovo.

And that makes the clocks run slow.


Ray Tracing for the TI-84 CE

Bigger is better in Neural Networks.

Move Over Javascript.

Everything Is Shiny

Everything has Fresnel

Rescue Artists of the Avalanche Age.

02 Feburary 2022

Tell HN: IBM free z/OS

IBM Z Development and Test Learners Edition

IBM Z Development and Test Environment Checklist.

IBM Z Development and Test Environment Overview.

Screamer - Nondeterministic Common Lisp

Qiskit Quantum Machine Learning Course.

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