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31 March 2022

Spatial Resolution - The most misunderstood words in Earth Observation

27 March 2022

Generative Algorithms - he writes in lisp

Statistical Analzsis with Lisp

How to add 1000s of lights to your renderer and not die in the process.

Which points us to What is Direct Lighting

Which points us to Peter Shirley's Blog.

Is a Knowledge Graph capable of capturing human knowledge?

26 March 2022

Running GUI apps within Docker Containers.

25 March 2022

Writing a Vulkan Driver in 2022

22 March 2022

CAMALIOT ESA's Satnav monitoring tool for Android.


Interlisp Github.

Medley OnLine

20 March 2022

2009 Mali CropType Training Data.

All in the Radiant MLHub. Radiant MLHub is the world’s first cloud-based open library dedicated to Earth observation training data and models for use with machine learning algorithms.

InfraRed Series - La Gomera - Tenerife - Gran Canaria

RocksDB- A persistent key-value store for fast storage environments.

Oxigraph is a graph database implementing the SPARQL standard - uses RocksDB.

Cartopy - Python Cartography.

13 March 2022

Hacker News article on Deep Learning hitting the wall. This leads us to SAT solvers.

The article on Deep Learning hitting the wall.

What is a SAT solver.

Turns out there is a SAT Competition

Google has some OR tools

Satisfiability and SAT solvers

Modern SAT Solvers

A Massive Fractal in Days, Not Years

12 March 2022



07 March 2022

Prologue to Prolog.

Algorithms for Modern Hardware

Ultralisp a quicklisp distribution that updates every 5 minutes.

06 March 2022

Landsat 9 user handbook now available.

Probabilistic Machine Learning: An Introduction.

"With shapefile automation processes, @FEWSNET has expanded its data offerings tenfold, significantly enhancing the number and distribution of available country shapefiles and nodes."

The blogpost talking about the changes to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.

Our 3D-CITREES project attempted to quantify, monitor and understand to the role of urban trees in storing carbon and combating climate change by using LIDAR and very high resolution optical data in the city of Ghent.

3D-Citrees project page.

Washington State LIDAR portal.

04 March 2022

Multi-Disease, Multi-View and Multi-Center Right Ventrical Segmentation in Cardiac MRI

Tidy Tuesday - in this case EV Charging stations in the US.


Panama Papers in Neo4J

Suisse Secrets.

Making global satellite imagery cloud-free

Panama Paper's DB.

Panama Paper DB from ICIJ.

Applied Ocean Sciences - Ocean Acoustics.

02 March 2022

GHRSST Annual Report 2021

01 March 2022

Nomad - Container Orchestration

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