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29 April 2022

Power the Grid.

SVE ARM SIMD instruction sets.

FLoating Point Determinism.

Multipass Translator for CLIM.

Germany LIDAR




Scotland LIDAR


Austria Vienna LIDAR

Austria Land Oberosterrich LIDAR

Austria Land Salzburg LIDAR

Norway LIDAR

Netherlands LIDAR

Denmarks LIDAR

France LIDAR

And the Tweet from Neil Southall that listed these LIDAR sources.

27 April 2022

How to build a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) part 1.

Volume Rendering a 3D Density Field.

McCLIM backends - part 1.

McCLIM backends - part 2.

21 April 2022

Exponentially Better Rotations

BirdNet PI

McCLIM backends - Part I: Medium Output Protocol.

McCLIM backends - Part 2: Stream Output Protocol

Building Docker Images for Common Lisp Applications.

Kaveh Kardan Common Lisp 1 a new Common Lisp 3D graphics project.

Kaveh Kardan Common Lisp 2 Rediscovering Common Lisp

Kaveh Kardan Common Lisp 3 From ArchMach to the Media Lab

Kaveh Kardan Common Lisp 4 Late Night Lisp Machine Hacking.

Kaveh Kardan Lisp 5 ZetaLisp and The Talking Heads.

Kaveh Kardan Common Lisp 6 Object-Oriented Ice Cream Flavors and Mixins.

17 April 2022

Using SBCL from other languages.

Shooting a Moving Target - about using AllegroStore and Lisp in film production.

14 April 2022

Forest Biomass Carbon Product

From GEDI - Otherwise known as LASERS IN SPACE!!! Or Space Lasers.

Lasers in space.

11 April 2022

ECMWF global numeric model.

Common Lisp Zip library

Heaps.io is a mature cross platform graphics engine designed for high performance games.

Scruff.jl is a flexible framework for building AI systems. Although its roots are in probabilistic programming, it is not strictly speaking a probabilistic programming language. Instead, it is a framework for combining models of different kinds and reasoning with them.

Scruff tutorial

Scruff examples.

Elementary.audio Declaritive audio framework


07 April 2022

Intersection between games and health

The SGI and Symbolics systems used to do 3D animation for FInal Fantasy VII in 1996.

05 April 2022

Open source Bloomberg Terminal.

Github repository for open Bloomberg Terminal

Siggraph 2022 Real Time Live.

Inigo Quilez - surfaces.

04 April 2022

Why is 2d harder than 3d?


Grid2Op docs.

Next Grid2Op competiion is about carbon neutrality

02 April 2022

A few things to know before you steal my 914.

Volumetric Light.

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