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29 June 2022

The Commerical Satelite Imagery Business Model is broken.

swissBUILDINGS3D 2.0

La Suisse en 3D - Visualization of Switzerland in 3D.

Vapeur Val-De-Travers


Complex SAR Data

Haydn Dalton Game Design Resouces.

SDF's Plan 9 bootcamp

SDF's Plan 9 wiki

26 June 2022

BVH - Bounding Volume Hierarchy completed.

State of Common Lisp Web Development.

21 June 2022

Integrated TimeTable Switzerland.

Google Transit Feed Spec.

Swiss Open Government Data

Real Time SBB/CFF map

Falsehoods about maps.

20 June 2022

How Townscape works.

Citibound uses microscopic models to vividly simulate the organism of a city arising from the interactions of millions of individuals.

Hacker News discussion of Citibound.

Line Break algorithm.

How many tracks to stations need?

And again the hacker news discussions

Central Bank Simulation

Hacker news discussion of the central bank simulation.

17 June 2022

Teach an Earth-observing Satellite to know what it sees.

The article about the above Tweet.

Longer article on the above.

Competition for the OPS-SAT

Maxar's WeatherDesk

OPS-SAT challenge.

OPS-SAT concept.

OPS-SAT with TensorFlow lite.

Higher accuracy on vision.

Space Intelligence.

Texas Data Day - Franz Lisp


Swiss SLF AI and avalanche warning.

OPS-SAT hardware. Spoiler - Dual core ARM9.

11 June 2022

Right half plane zeros - on control theory.

Console Architectures.

07 June 2022

Screamer website.

06 June 2022

Why Complex systems collapse faster.

Racket for ECommerce

05 June 2022

What's New in VAST Smalltalk.

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