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28 September 2022

Geeks way to check the weather.

27 September 2022

AMD Zen4 AVX512 breakdown.

Hacker News thread on the AMD Zen4 AVX512 breakdown.

Why is AVX 512 useful for a PS3 emulator.

Didact ML stock picking.

Apache Airflow for DAG execution.

21 September 2022

cl-gtk4 gtk4 bindings for Common Lisp.

Aerodynamics of Gravel Bikes

Watching Instruments play.

How Complex Systems Fail.

Satellite imagery datasets containing ships.

Core to Core Latency

The Litle Prover.

18 September 2022

Suprise Hydrologic Shifts

16 September 2022

Wolfram Free Form Programming - Games.

15 September 2022

DarkStar provides emulation of the Xerox Dandelion workstation, commonly known as the Star, 8010, or 1108.


Running Open Genera 2.0 on Linux.

13 September 2022

Sara Beery Computer Vision for the Environment, Sustainability, and Conversation.

Advanced Data Structures MIT.

Youtube-dl has a javascript interperter in 800 lines of python.

Video Game Collectors.

100 Days of WineMaking.

Object-Oriented Software Construction

publicly available bathymetry data


07 September 2022

ARC Home

Deep Learning for Tabular Data.

USB, Thunderbolt, Displayport & docks

Using machine learning to identify undiagnosable cancers

Create an Inexpensive Flying Wing / Drone

Accidental complexity, essential complexity, and Kubernetes

Font based on Minecraft.

06 September 2022

A Fluidic Oscillator.

Dyalog 2022 in Portugal. Think APL.

PAM Sheer Terror

04 September 2022

USGS Landsat September Newsletter.


01 September 2022

Teide HPC

ECS - Entity Component System.

Git database internals 1.

Git database internals 2.

Git database internals 3.

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