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26 November 2022

Staying in Peter Zumthor's house - talks about Vals and the Termes.

Coding Curves

NASA's Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics Course

Computing for a blank globe

Course models: Disease Ecology & Evolution, Evolutionary Medicine

Chrissy Teigen’s Skillet-Charred Fish Tacos

The Ballad of Jari and Somr.

25 October 2022

OpenDoc hisory

Moshari Vampire.

OSGeoLive 15.0 released

Jane Street Blog - Computations that differentiate, debug, and document themselves

23 November 2022

Industrial Tourism in Japan.

Auschwitz Museum using BIM and digital buildings.

Deviating.net. I enjoyed his Lawyers Passport Locksmith Gun video.

CGAL Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

Miracle of Become in Smalltalk.

Macintosh Common Lisp

Graph Data Structure with DATALOG QL

22 November 2022

Lisp Actor Framework.

20 November 2022

Bio-photogrammetry: digitally archiving coloured 3D morphology data of creatures and associated challenges

Skechfab collection of models from above.

VM Warmup

Reader Marcros in Common Lisp.

A graph database for Clojure and ClojureScript.

How to protect the economy when it is too hot to work.

New worldwide dataset captures the planet in fine detail

16 November 2022

Roassal3 soccer/futbol/football demo. Has data as well.

Pharo AI Wiki

Pharo Graph Algorithms.

12 November 2022

Theromodynamics and emergency room medicine

Gaming Accessibility fundamentals.

Smalltalks2022 hastag.

lisp as the Maxwells Equations of Software.

09 November 2022

What is a Vector Database.

QGIS for Hydrological Applications

Global Meteor Network Instructions.

M2 for Hackers.

Network Strahler orders of La Méouge catchment, France

Bird's Eye View GIS

07 November 2022

Hansen MDM for smart meters

CHERI Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions

Morello hardware for CHERI

Morello Technology Demonstrator

Character, Controls, Camera: The 3Cs of Game Development

04 November 2022

Petalisp - is an attempt to generate high performance code for parallel computers by JIT-compiling array definitions.

02 November 2022

Wiring a Swiss Home for fibre.

Hacker News thread on Home Fibre.

5 years of Raspberry Pi clusters.

Bring Your Own Password Manager.

Use case Raspberry Pi. Syncthing Backup Endpoint.

Hacker News on Syncthing.

9 Front release

Technical Issues of Separation in Function Cells and Value Cells

OSGeoLive 15.0

WorldCover - taking it to the next level.

SMS Multifactor Authentication In Antarctica.

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