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29 January 2023

MoMA magazine on Video Games.

Roadtripping America in R: Turning Spatial Data into Animations with Rayshader

LiDAR Point Clouds - CanElevation Series

26 January 2026

ClimaX - deep learning for weather


25 January 2023

2023 IEEE Conference on Games in Boston.

24 January 2023

Hyperscale in your Homelab: The Compute Blade arrives

Minimial Cross-Platform Graphics.

Modl.ai AI Engine for Game Development.

Enterprise Restaurant Compute

23 January 2023

Tar in Prolog

22 January 2023

Boxer Sunrise is the next iteration of development on the long running and historic Boxer project.

Github Source Code for Boxer.

19 January 2023

OBISis a global open-access data and information clearing-house on marine biodiversity for science, conservation and sustainable development

GeoServeris an open source server for sharing geospatial data.

18 January 2023

New LiDAR Point Clouds product: Canada as you've never seen it before!


Quantum and Connection Machine Lisp

Colombian Coffee Prices.

17 January 2023

Project Mage lisp power user enviornment.

The Ecological Catastrophe You’ve Never Heard Of



Mont-Dauphin, Hautes-Alpes, France 1m LiDAR data (point cloud at present) @IGNFrance, overlays @openstreetmap @OSM_FR, rendered in #rayshader #rstats

Common Lisp and Music Composition.

16 January 2023


Arozos - NAS

Modeling the global economy in Victoria 3

13 January 2023

USAF PlayStation3 cluster.

PlayStation 3 cluster at EPFL.

12 January 2023

These Years in Common Lisp: 2022 in review

Hacker News discussion.

Hacker News Discussion about moving to Game Dev.

Shirakumo - lisp video game development.

NaN based tagging strategy for dynamic programming language.

Stanford AI Lab in the 70s.

works in lisp and generative art.

Hacker News discussion about Medley Interlisp

My encounter with Medley Interlisp

Feetr does lisp and stock discovery.

Mariner's Guid to the 500 Millibar Chart.

07 January 2023

Why Medley Interlisp is different

ProjectPhysX and mixed CPUs and GPUs.

How to Build an Exchange - Jane Street.

Great Salt Lake collapse


First National Bank of Cape Canaveral

The way we remember - UCF Cocoa Beach

Laser Scans for Notre Dame Reconstruction.

Docker container for MVS

Solving a Dungeons & Dragons riddle using prolog

Game Dev Resrouce Collection.


Branch Prediction

03 January 2023

OpenTopography computes first map of topographic change at the statewide scale - in this case Indiana.

02 January 2023

Coreform - Better simulation through better geometry

01 January 2023

Lectures on Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics

Python Maps

Terrance Fosstodon does Population Density Maps

James Niehues does Ski Area Maps.

Siscog.pt - lisp

Ascent - also lisp

A tale of two feet in surveying.

Rugged PI enclosure.

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