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28 Feburary 2023

Revisit: Ciudad Abierta, Ritoque, Chile

22 Feburary 2023

VXLAN over WireGuard

End of type 1 fonts.

MVC Tutorial Squeak

SimCity 2000 hacker news.

SimCity 2000 documents.

15 Feburary 2023

Linux Kernel, BSD userland.

New SDF pdp-10. ssh sc40@hie.sdf.org and 'login new new' to play

QGIS is the mapping software you did not know you needed.

Tracking a truck with a PI.

A Data Lake to buy a house.


The Art of the Shadow: How Painters Have Gotten It Wrong for Centuries

SimCity 2000 implementation

NASADEM: Creating a New NASA Digital Elevation Model and Associated Products

09 February 2023

CFD Book list.

Top Byte Ignore on ARM64

08 Feburary 2023

A guy that works on Racket - Franz

Where is the most densely populated square kilometre in the UK?

Computer Graphics and Computer Animation: A Retrospective Overview

05 Feburary 2023

Dwarf Fortress.

01 Feburary 2023

CL-GLServer is an actor framework.

Will Wright on Designing User Interfaces to Simulation Games

Typed Lisp

Bruce O'Neel

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